Senior Housing and CCRC Consulting Services and Products Overview

Continuing Care at Home

senior home care

  • Studies agree that the majority of older adults prefer to stay at home. Is your mission limited by your current boundaries?
  • Does your community currently offer graduated levels of commitment, connection and coverage?


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Creative Services

Creative Services for Retirement Communities

  • Are your marketing efforts falling short of attracting the audience you desire?
  • Do your marketing pieces look similar to everyone else’s?
  • Are you needing to re-position and re-imagine a current community?
  • Are you a greenfield and need development of a total branding concept?


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CRM Training

CRM training for senior housing commmunities

  • Is your current database up to date and effective?
  • Is your staff adequately trained to effectively use the database to close sales and generate useful reports?


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Customer Service Training

staff customer service training for CCRC's

  • Is your entire community acting as ambassadors for your community?
  • Is your community successfully morphing into hospitality-focused services?


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Senior Living Greenfield and Addition Site Development

  • Is your organization contemplating new development (greenfield), an expansion or an at home program?
  • Are you trying to determine the appropriate mix of residences sizes, services and prices?
  • What partners are needed for research, design, development, financing, sales and marketing?


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Digital Audits

web presence audits for retirement communities

  • Are people having trouble finding your community on the web?
  • Do you get few leads through from the Internet?
  • Do you wonder if your online web presence is set up well?


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Feasibility /Market Study

marketing and feasability studies for CCRC's

  • Are you wondering about the feasibility of a new community, an expansion to an existing community, or the launch of a new program such as a Continuing Care at Home program?
  • Would you like to more clearly identify the risks of an expansion, new community or program?


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Lead Generation Survey

lead generation for retirement communities

  • Do you have the need to stir the market?
  • Do you have a new product or service that you want to introduce to the market?
  • Would you like a strategy that provides you with more age- and income-qualified leads at a lower cost?


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Marketing and Sales Manual

sales manual creation for CCRC

  • Is there consistency and efficiency in your sales procedures?
  • Is your staff using Best Practices?


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Marketing and Sales Systems Analysis

sales system analysis for CCRC

  • Is there redundancy in your sales and marketing efforts?
  • Do the channels of communication and interdepartmental relations need clarification and procedures?


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Marketing Audits / Analyses

marketing audits for senior housing

  • Is your community falling behind the competitive curve?
  • Is your organization contemplating a new project?


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Marketing Plans and Budgets

marketing plans for senior communities

  • Has your current marketing plan become stale and ineffective?
  • Does your marketing budget adequately represent the goals for sales and occupancy?


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Mystery Shopping

mystery shopping of senior housing

  • Do you know how your community and staff stack up against your competitors?
  • Would you like to know how your prospects are greeted? What is their first impression?


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Pricing Studies and Strategies

pricing studies for retirement communities

  • Are you considering an expansion or new community and would benefit from advice on pricing the new product without hampering sales of your existing product?
  • Would a restructuring of fees, perhaps introducing additional contract options, improve your bottom line?


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RaDical Sales® System Training

radical sales for CCRC's

  • Are you confident that your sales team is performing at the highest level to close as many sales as possible?
  • Would you like an easy and effective way to establish sales standards that value-ranks tours, phone calls and closing appointments?


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lead follow up

  • Are you confident that the cultivation efforts of your sales team are systematic and intentional?
  • Do you desire a system that increases accountability of follow-up contacts by your sales team?


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senior servies extension

  • Are you introducing a new service, product or expansion and need to build interest and enthusiasm towards further commitment?
  • Could your community or project benefit from a planned and intentional marketing strategy to increase interest and commitments leading to financial investments from your prospects?


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SWAT Analysis

Swat analysis for retirement communities

  • Does your community's sales and marketing efforts need a tune-up?
  • Has there been a recent change in leadership, and management could benefit from an overall review of your marketing position?


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Urban Alternatives

urban alternatives

  • Are you planning an expansion or looking for a way to expand your reach?
  • Are there people on your wait list who would like to remain in an urban area?


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Value Added

Retirement Dynamics Introduction

Retirement Dynamics brings both value and results to your organization and its efforts.


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