Retirement Community / Senior Housing Marketing Analysis / Audit

One of the most frequent requests of Retirement DYNAMICS® is a Marketing Audit or Analysis.

A Marketing Analysis is helpful if your community:

  • is not meeting sales and occupancy goals
  • has missed or is about to miss financial covenants
  • seems to be falling behind the competitive curve
  • needs a repositioning and refreshed identity
  • is contemplating new projects or expansion
  • is already providing successful services but desires to improve further.

Purpose of Marketing Analysis for Your Senior Community 

marketing analysis and sales audits so you don't drown

The purpose of the Marketing Analysis is to look at all aspects of a community from the potential resident’s perspective. The analysis report often forms the foundation for the marketing plan that serves as a guide to assist the community in reaching its sales and occupancy goals.

A Marketing Analysis or Audit is comprised of preliminary work, a site-visit and the final report. During preliminary work, the client assembles data for preview and analysis by the RD consultant(s) in advance of an on-site visit. The RD consultant will review all information provided by the client, which may include past feasibility studies or audits, competitor’s literature, competitive rate comparisons, ads and direct mail pieces, collaterals, contracts and agreements, current pricing, current resident handbook, most recent resident satisfactions surveys; materials about the local area; current number of leads; rate of sales for the past two years; cost per move; and origin of leads.

What We Do On Site

While on site, RD will meet with important constituents and discuss or observe the community’s:

  • current positioning and its message
  • strengths, challenges, obstacles and threats
  • the competition and its potential threat to attracting your perceived customer
  • the unique selling position of your community when juxtaposed against the competition

The consultant will offer “fresh eyes” to observe and make notes about your community’s:

  • physical plant and grounds
  • amenities
  • typical policies and procedures
  • marketing and sales environment
  • cultural environment of the community at large
  • local surroundings and how they might affect your community’s appeal

Reporting of Marketing Audit Observations

After on- and off-site information gathering and analysis, RD will submit a report that includes actionable items toward cultivating a sales-friendly community. An actionable step can be anything from a recommendation to provide more attractive landscaping at the entry to a total restructuring of pricing. RD feels so confident about their recommendations that the actionable report forecasts the potential for increased sales for each step that is successfully executed.

A Senior Living Marketing Audit and Sales Analysis provides an excellent road map for improvement of your community’s ability to sell. Call RD today to discuss an audit/analysis for your organization.

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