Senior Living Digital Audits
Internet Marketing Strategies and Plan for Retirement Communities and other Senior Housing

The Internet: The First Place Prospects Look

Do Any of These Statements Describe Your Situation?

  • We have a website, but is that enough?
  • How do we get more leads from the Internet?
  • How do our competitors seem to show up everywhere on the Internet?

From Merely Website to Lead Generation

good retirement community internet marketing plan yields more leads

When people look for just about anything, they go first to the Internet.If your community can’t be found, it’s as good as non-existent.

If people do find your community, where did they see it? Were they searching? Were they on a social network? Were they reading a news story or reading an article somewhere?

People do their research online and get far down the buying decision path before they ever contact the place of business.

Not just your website, but your entire online marketing presence on the Internet (web-presence) is very much your front line sales force.

As a visitor becomes more and more convinced that your community is the place for them, the website needs to make it easy for them to get in touch with you.

But how? How is all this set up?

What’s in Our Comprehensive Web Assessment?

social online marketing strategies

It all starts with a conversation about goals, direction, strategy, current practices, experiences and your competition.This conversation establishes the framework for the assessment.

These are custom assessment tailored to the needs of your community, but they typically contain the following topics:

  • Conversion analysis
  • Design critique
  • Analytics
  • Technology / Architecture
  • Ranking strength
  • Local presence
  • Reputation insights
  • Competitive comparison
  • And more

Digital First Impressions by Patti Scotten, Consultant and Marketing Manager

You’ll be Ready to Take Action

When our research, analysis and report are ready, we’ll go over your retirement community online marketing plan with you in detail.

We don’t leave you hanging.We include a set of practical, actionable recommendations that can be merged with your overall marketing strategy.

Making it a Reality

If you then also need help turning your new senior living digital marketing strategy into reality, we have access to a network of proven providers who will work with your team, as needed, to make it all happen according to current best-practices.

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