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Retirement DYNAMICS® offers a full array of senior living consulting services:

  • Full Retirement Community Consulting Services: RD creates a partnership with your current staff and provides an on-site consultant along with a managerial consultant.
  • Supervisory Consultation Services: RD offers direction and guidance through email, conference calls, and less-frequent on-site visits.
  • On-Call Consultation: RD provides a daily/hourly rate on an as-needed basis. The On-Call Consultation is often utilized for special customer service training, sales training or customer relationship management (CRM) training.
  • Senior Living Marketing and Sales Consultants: If your community needs to jump-start your rate of sales or temporarily increase your manpower hours during a special project, such as an expansion or refreshing/revising your database, then you can work with an RD Senior Living Marketing and Sales Specialist.

Retirement DYNAMICS® understands that one size or approach does not fit all organizations; therefore, we customize our services based on each client's needs.

A community also may request one or more of our specific product offerings:


Retirement Community Marketing Agency

  • Marketing Audits/Analyses
  • Marketing and Sales Systems Analysis
  • Marketing Plan and Budget
  • Springboard


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Senior Living Marketing Consultants and Sales Consulting

  • Sales Specialists
  • Sales Staff Training
  • Spread-the-Word Campaign


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Sales Training

  • Database / CRM training
  • Sales Staff Training
  • RaDical Sales System Training
  • Community-Wide Customer Service Training


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Lead Generation

  • Lead Generation Survey
  • Focus Groups
  • Extensive Mystery Shop


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Retirement Community Site Development

  • Master Planning Consultation
  • Urban Alternative
  • Continuing Care at Home


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Creative Services

Creative Services for Retirement Community

  • Branding
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Print Media
  • Media Plan and Implementation


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Whether you need retirement community marketing help, an assisted living marketing boost, or other senior living consulting services, the experts at Retirement DYNAMICS® can help.
Give us a call today at (888)897-7768 to discuss your needs.


With more than 250 years of collective experience in the senior living industry, Retirement DYNAMICS® (RD) is a professional senior living marketing and sales consulting agency specializing in continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs); rental communities and systems; and Assisted Living marketing and Memory Care. RD has worked with more than 250 CCRCs and senior living companies and service sponsors throughout the United States, drawing on the deep experience of our team to provide strategy, marketing, sales and research services, and training to our clients.

Our RD team members pride themselves on an authentic passion for the industry while developing customized approaches to meet each community's distinct needs and requests. We understand that a cookie cutter approach does not fit all organizations.

Tell us what your community needs…

  • Higher occupancy
  • A mechanism or strategy to create new revenue
  • Assistance while finding new talent in your marketing and sales department
  • Training for sales staff
  • Greater accountability for sales staff
  • Strategies and skills to accomplish pre-sales of expansions or totally new communities
  • Affordable creative design
  • An updated website with increased inquiries about residency
  • A clean, updated list of leads
  • A team that maximizes the database
  • To expand and broaden the list of prospects

You've Come to the Right Place

Retirement DYNAMICS is sensitive to the distinct needs of each organization. As retirement community consultants, RD welcomes a conversation with community leadership to explore the innovative ideas, needs, or concerns that often achieve some greater clarity through the consultation services of a third party. Whether by conversation or visitation to the community, RD will partner with leadership to ascertain what type of engagement or line of products will address the questions and concerns of each community.


Our expanded product line offers a “buffet” of services ranging from research, lead generation, focus groups, database cleanup and training, sales training, customer service training, creative design, pricing studies, marketing plans and more. With multiple levels of engagement and an expansive product line, your community can customize the services of Retirement DYNAMICS to be congruent with your needs.


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