Preparation of a Comprehensive Marketing Plan and Budget
for Retirement Communities, Senior Housing or Senior Care Communities

You may need to retain a consultant to create a marketing plan for your community if:

  • Your current Marketing Plan is not producing the desired results.
  • Your sales team has never provided you with a Yearly Marketing Plan.
  • Your current Marketing Plan is not thorough enough.
  • Your current Marketing Plan is too broad.
  • Your current Marketing Plan has become repetitive and stale.
  • Your current Marketing Plan does not follow the "rhythm" of the sales year.

The Backbone of Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

retirement community marketing plan creation

The Comprehensive Senior Housing Marketing Plan is the backbone of your sales and marketing effort. It provides the framework, timing and guidelines for strategies to increase lead generation and sales.

A Comprehensive Retirement Community Marketing Plan will include a brief history of your organization, its current position in the market, a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), a summary of the competitors (all types of senior living options), a description of past marketing efforts and results; the identified primary market (as well as secondary and tertiary markets, should they exist); and recommendations for marketing strategies for the upcoming year.

complete marketing plan

The Retirement DYNAMICS® (RD) consultant engaged to create a Comprehensive Senior Community Marketing Plan will request some preliminary items such as previous marketing plans; previous marketing budgets; previous lead generation reports; previous rate of sales per year; examples of ads; current contracts with magazines, playbills, newspapers, etc.; compensation agreements with sales staff, including commissions; and other related materials.

The consultant will also need to be made aware of the goals for the upcoming year. Are there any expansions under consideration? Do you want/need occupancy to increase? If so, by what percentage? Are you considering a re-positioning and re-branding effort?

The RD consultant will make an on-site visit to the community in order to discuss the previous and current marketing and sales environment, both internal and external, with your staff as well as gather a clear understanding of the direction desired by management.

Provided Analysis

Based on analysis of the above information, RD will deliver a Comprehensive Marketing Plan that identifies the target market that will yield highest results. The report will identify individual objectives and recommend tactics to meet each objective. If desired, the plan can include recommended publications for advertising or reallocation of dollars to increase the return on investment (ROI) of the organizations marketing dollars'.

Sales can only occur after people have discovered your community. It is the job of the sales counselor to lead the prospect to choose your community, but they cannot succeed in converting prospects to sales when there are few prospects. It is the job of marketing to get people to look at your community. Be sure that marketing efforts are educated and intentional.

Call Retirement DYNAMICS® for a thorough and professional marketing plan for your senior community.

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