Our Team of Senior Living and Retirement Community Consultants 

Our clients come to us with something specific on their minds... whether it is an occupancy challenge with an existing community, the strategic re-positioning of an entire organization, an expansion project or the creation of a brand-new community. When there is risk and pressure to deliver results, RD senior living consultants not only develop the plan, but also provides the team that can execute it and create results. The senior living industry looks to RD to provide experienced, objective advice and concrete results. Our retirement community team of consultants has more than 250+ combined years of experience, and each team member offers a unique expertise to RD and its clients. RD is a team of creators, doers and leaders. Meet our team….


Bobby Sumner - President

Bobby Sumner

President and Co-Founding Principal

"We believe the time you spend building rapport and learning your prospects' wants and needs is an investment in establishing an intimate relationship with people who are interested in our communities." — Read Bio

Bonnie Blair -Founding Principle

Bonnie Blair

Vice President and Co-Founding President

"The best thing we can do is provide confidence and trust in ourselves as sales counselors and also in the community's financial strength. A community has to be at the top of its game at all times." — Read Bio

Tina McLeod Senior Marketing Consultant and Principle

Tina McLeod

Senior Marketing Consultant & Business Development

"Retirement DYNAMICS® believes that one of the most important things we can do is to make connections and build professional networks among fellow industry leaders." — Read Bio

Patti Hutton -  Senior Marketing Consultant and Principle

Patti Hutton

Senior Marketing Consultant & Market Intelligence Specialist

"I believe the greatest service I can provide to our clients is to teach and inspire them to succeed long after I’ve left." — Read Bio

Patty Scotten - Consultant

Patty Scotten

Marketing Consultant & Marketing Manager

"I have been in this industry for so long that I have become the audience that we seek. That is extremely beneficial to me as I work with communities to discover ways to attract new residents." — Read Bio

Deborah Potter - Consultant

Deborah Potter

Marketing Consultant & Sales Training Manager

"The best thing you can do as a salesperson, for strategic reasons, as much as for moral is to be deeply, honestly, and sincerely yourself and communicate the deepest truth about your product." — Read Bio

Jeff House - Director Market Research

Jeff House

Director of Market Research

"Every community has access to a tremendous resource to tell you about your market: the prospective residents who come to talk with you." — Read Bio

Patti Briggs - Consultant

Patti Briggs

Sales Specialist

"Working with such wonderful people, both at Retirement DYNAMICS® and at various retirement communities around the country, makes my work extremely fulfilling!" — Read Bio

Beth Williams - Business Manager

Beth Williams

Business Manager

— Read Bio
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