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Enhanced independence

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Another reason that a sense of purpose grows in significance as one grows older is that one’s sense of purpose and self-worth can morph as life changes. One’s personal purpose changes since the first entry-level job until the final departure from full time work upon retirement. A healthy individual reflects and adjusts their goals for personal fulfillment as situations change. However, many people become overcome when their previous self-identification such as their position at work or role as a spouse is dramatically altered. Sometimes things get a little blurry. ...Read the rest...

Independence – a feeling of autonomy

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Independence is more than just physicality; it is also a feeling. Being out of control is not comfortable. There is something calming about feeling like your life is under control….and under your own personal control. Thus, the feeling of autonomy or self-rule is important to a sense of independence. ...Read the rest...

​ What defines independence?

Thursday, July 12, 2018

As previously stated in this month’s blog and within significant reports related to seniors, older Americans are getting older, of course,….and comprise a greater segment of America’s population. It has been estimated that the aging population will soon double; and by the year 2030, 20% of the US population will be 65 or older (US Census). Until some medical breakthroughs, the natural consequence of the aging of America is an increase in chronic conditions. Dependent upon the type or severity of a chronic condition, the functional independence of an older adult may be diminished or even threatened.Is that true or just an assumption? ...Read the rest...

Celebrating independence

Thursday, July 05, 2018

July Fourth is a day for celebrating independence – our independence from the British empire.Independence always makes me think about our population and their focus on independence or maintaining their independence. We often hear our guests comment, “I want to be able to remain independent.” What does that mean and why is it so important to older adults? ...Read the rest...

Don’t Throw the Baby out with the Bath Water

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The latest new thing is exciting and automation and digital metrics are both wonderful strategies to be incorporated into our marketing strategies. I encourage the use of both strategies. However, sometimes the shiny new technique grabs all of our attention and results in less attention towards the basics. The key is to resist this phenomenon so that we maintain a balance between existing and new strategies. ...Read the rest...

Beyond the Numbers

Friday, June 22, 2018

Metrics have been a basic building block of an effective sales campaign for years; however, with today’s technology, sales professionals can go beyond just numbers to be more effective in their marketing efforts. As utilization of the internet has grown among both adult children and older adults searching for senior living, the ability to maximize marketing efforts online has become imperative. Websites are crucial to effective marketing efforts. Additionally, automation presents a strategy to optimize our marketing and sales efforts. ...Read the rest...

Individual Metrics

Friday, June 15, 2018

Another set of numbers that garner the attention of management, both at the departmental and operational level, is individual sales metrics. How often should a prospect be contacted or “touched,” and how does that translate to number of calls needed per day or week? ...Read the rest...

Metrics, the Essential Standbys

Friday, June 08, 2018

Perhaps you have been a sales professional in a senior living community for several years, routinely filling the residences that become vacant through attrition. That’s the first number to which you should pay attention. Each year, approximately 10% or your current number of residences will vacate due to death, health or change of circumstance. In certain life cycles of the community, this figure can drastically increase to percentages as high as 17-18%. Thus, be prepared to refill that number every year. In addition, you may have the responsibility of pre-selling an expansion or additional campus. If that is the case, numbers will assist in you planning on how to accomplish both feats at the same time. Use metrics. ...Read the rest...

It's All About the Numbers

Friday, June 01, 2018

Many areas of our lives are driven by numbers: the lottery, our 401K, our taxes, and our salaries and salary increases. A numbers-driven mentality is particularly important in the realm of sales. Numbers measure our successes as we determine our level of occupancy or conversion rates. ROI numbers are important in making precise budgetary decisions: what is working and what is not. Numbers are often a key factor in accountability within a sales department. ...Read the rest...

Mentoring to a Non-Prospect

Friday, May 25, 2018

Occasionally, we are faced with the prospect that we discover is not income or health qualified for our community. I think we all dread that interaction; however, if we change the perception of our role with prospects, we can let ourselves give up the feelings of guilt. Our job encompasses far more than enticing someone to move into our community. Our true job is to assist the prospect in developing a plan or making the right decision for the enhancement of their lives, and occasionally, that does not include a move into our residences. ...Read the rest...


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