Senior Community Mystery Shopping Service 

  • Are you confident that the people who greet guests or customers over the phone are portraying the best image of your community?
  • Are the current people answering the phone the correct people to answer the phone for marketing purposes?
  • If you have automated phone answering, is it set up in the most consumer-friendly way?
  • How does your team “stack-up” in receiving phone calls, greeting guests and conducting meetings?
  • What is the response to a prospect when they make a website inquiry? Are you beginning the relationship there well?

Did You Answer "No" to Even One Question?

retirement community mystery shoppers

Did you answer “no” to one or more of the above questions? Then you may need our Senior Housing Phone Mystery Shopping service to help you determine where your organization is not customer friendly. From the moment a prospective resident calls in or walks in to your community, you want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

Retirement DYANMICS (RD) offers extensive mystery shopping to retirement communities around the nation in order to determine if your community is welcoming, friendly and responsive to potential residents.

You only have one time to make a first impression. Is your senior community making its best impression? In today’s marketplace that first impression occurs at many levels, some of which may be neglected:

  • your website and your response to an inquiry through your website
  • your pay-per-click ad
  • telephone inquiries
  • email inquiries or communication
  • a face-to-face visit.

Retirement DYNAMICS® Will Identify Competitors and Bottle Necks

phone mystery shopping

In today’s world of expanding choices, our prospects are intelligent, discriminating consumers. Most consumers have already done their research on the web or speaking with friends before ever gracing our doorstep. It is imperative that they find us helpful and hospitable wherever their point of contact may be.

With the assistance of your staff, RD will identify your competitors and their product lines. Then RD will conduct mystery shopping at the major points of inquiry: the website, the telephone or email inquiry, and the visit to the campus. Such an extensive mystery shop includes telephone calls to one or more points of entry at each community, a personal visit to the community, and an analysis of the website and a website inquiry. Lastly, RD will visit with your staff at various points.

At the conclusion of the mystery shop, RD will present a Shopper’s Closing Report that contrasts each competing community and their tactics, both positive and negative. The closing report will also contain recommendations for your community, including the current website, the current process for receiving telephone and visit inquiries, and the manner of greeting that your staff currently utilizes.

Each time a prospect touches your community whether through electronic communication or face-to-face, we must always be the best that we can be. Let Retirement DYNAMICS® perform a Senior Community Mystery Shop and find out how the customer perceives your community and your staff.

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