Senior Living Marketing and Sales Manual

  • Does a lack of consistent marketing and sales practices create poor communication among your staff?
  • Could your communities or team benefit from practical written guidelines, policies, procedures and tactics that generate sales and a methodology to track them?
  • Do you need greater consistency among marketing and sales procedures?

Why Create or Update a Marketing and Sales Manual?

book full of assisted living marketing ideas

Many retirement communities offer a variety of residency choices — from independent living to assisted and/or skilled nursing — and many organizations manage multiple communities. Occasionally, management discovers that each community or even each department (independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, home health, adult day care, memory care, etc.) is conducting the business of sales and marketing in their own unique way, often to the detriment of interdepartmental communication and overall professionalism.

A review of current practices and the generation of a Marketing and Sales Manual creates a standard framework of procedures and expectations, resulting in greater efficiency between departments, consistency in service delivery and increased revenue.

Retirement DYNAMICS® (RD) has visited dozens of communities, observed their current procedures and created a “playbook” to refine existing procedures, suggest more effective procedures or include effective existing procedures in a binder that provides for a consistency of operation. Before the visit, the RD consultant gathers materials such as current staffing, lines of supervision, existing policies and procedures, contractual agreements, a marketing plan, examples of marketing efforts, and positioning statements. During the on-site visit, the RD consultant will interview and observe the sales and marketing staff, and ascertain their current practices of fielding phone calls, email inquiries, website contacts, distributing leads, cultivating leads, converting to reservations, and overall marketing efforts.

binder of nursing home marketing ideas

Within 30 days of the on-site visit, RD will provide a draft of a bound manual that contains comprehensive guidelines and policies, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Positioning statement
  • Definitions: Types of Retirement Housing, including full description of the community product
  • Policy of the Marketing Department
  • Marketing activity and lead generation goals and objectives
  • Lead management
  • UP system – system of lead distribution
  • Policy for incoming mail leads
  • Walk-in resident prospects
  • Policy for incoming phone calls
  • Lead follow-up
  • Special events
  • Referral source outreach and networking
  • Marketing activity reports
  • Resident referral policy
  • Independent Living resident reservation process
  • Public relations policies and standards
  • News media policy
  • Photography policy

The senior living marketing and sales manual can be utilized by multiple sites and among sales professionals in different levels of care to produce a consistency that exudes professionalism, stability and higher revenue.

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