RD SWAT — Sales Work Action Team
Increase Senior Housing or Retirement Community Sales Quickly

Fast and intense, RD SWAT (Sales Work Action Team) is an immersive, one-day site assessment by a team of three to five Retirement DYNAMICS® professionals that will help your organization get a grasp on serious sales and marketing issues quickly.

  • Is your community in crisis?
  • Has a recent leadership change left a sales and marketing vacuum?
  • Do you need a sales and marketing solution today?
  • Is something amiss but you can't put your finger on it?
  • Do you think you can achieve higher occupancy, but you continue to be frustrated with the progress in reaching those expectations?
  • Have your marketing efforts become repetitive, sluggish and lacking in desired results?
  • Do you have newly acquired properties that you would like reviewed by marketing and sales experts?

Is Your Community Struggling?

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Over the years, Retirement DYNAMICS® has identified a similar need among many communities that are undergoing change, struggling with occupancy or experiencing financial difficulties. These communities need consultation and third-party assistance to bolster and increase sales immediately; however, financial restraints may limit the amount of capital available for a full, comprehensive on-site marketing consultant engagement. Additionally, exigent circumstances may limit the timeframe for achieving improved results.

The RD SWAT (Sales Work Action Team) will provide a cost-effective analysis and report with actionable steps for improvement of your sales efforts.

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Two weeks prior to the SWAT team's on-site visit, RD will request several support documents, including, but not limited to: past audits/analyses, feasibility studies, history of pricing, signature brochure and other collaterals, staff configuration, staff compensation plans, marketing plans for the past three years, number of leads in database, history of conversion rates, rate of sales per year for past three years, and occupancy levels for the past three years.

The RD SWAT engagement only involves a one-day site visit. During the on-site visit, the RD SWAT team, made up of three to five experienced consultants, will tour the entire community. The SWAT team members will work independently of one another to interview members of the management team, key staff members, marketing staff, members of the strategic planning committee, residents and possibly board members. The day will close with a meeting of all SWAT team members and representatives of the organization to discuss preliminary observations.

Within 15 days of the on-site visit, RD SWAT will produce a narrative report with actionable steps toward improving sales and the sales environment.

A SWAT team analysis is a quick and affordable method of attaining a professional, third-party assessment of where your community is today, and the actions needed to promote efforts toward reaching established goals and increasing your retirement community sales quickly.

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