Senior Housing Lead Generation Strategies and Marketing

Lead Generation Survey

  • Looking for new age and income-qualified lead generation at a lower cost than the average industry cost?
  • Interested in a list that indicates which prospects are most likely to make a decision to move to your retirement community?
  • Need to know consumer preferences for a new project or expansion?

Sales provide the revenue and lifeblood for the ongoing financial health of your organization, and qualified leads are the red cell packed transfusion to keep sales and the waiting list strong. Leads are generated through many strategies: website inquiries, events, ads, direct mail pieces, outreach, web advertising and more. A more targeted approach includes the purchasing of a list for either emails or traditional mail, usually followed by phone calls. Targeted lists provide a list of more qualified individuals, at least from a financial viewpoint. The unknown is “How ready are they for a move?”

A Lead Generation Survey can provide your community with a list of age and income qualified individuals who are ranked as to their interest in your community. At this point, Retirement DYNAMICS® has mailed more than 185,000 surveys, with a reply rate of 5,000 resulting in a 2.9 percent response rate rather than the usual 1 percent. The cost per lead computes to be an average of less than $160 per lead; whereas, the traditional cost per lead is generally more than $250.

Lead Generation Surveys are designed with 13 required questions that are the same for each community, with a similar number of customized questions that address the needs and concerns of each specific community. The required questions are scored according to a proprietary algorithm that highlights the most promising prospects. Such a ranking allows sales staff to concentrate their efforts on the most likely new residents, while cultivating those with lower rankings.

RD maintains a database of the results from all of the communities, which allows us to compare the results from an individual survey to the rest of the market, providing a context on its relative strengths or weaknesses. Communities often inquire about the prospect’s interest and desires such as:

  • Do you prefer an apartment or cottage?
  • Is covered parking important to you?
  • What amenities are most meaningful to you in your retirement decision?
  • What finish selections do you prefer?

A Lead Generation Survey is an invaluable tool that achieves two important goals:

  1. Generation of new qualified leads ranked as to the likelihood of moving
  2. Consumer interest factoids for your market.

Low cost leads AND consumer research. Call RD today to explore the Lead Generation Survey.

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