Retirement Community CRM Training

Good management and high occupancy are two important factors for a stable, sustainable retirement community. A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, good entries into that database, and a staff that is versatile in using that database are essential to maximizing leads that turn into higher occupancies.

Many communities suffer from one of several potential pitfalls with their database:

  • No current system is in place other than antiquated methods.
  • There is no formal training on data entries, so entries are inconsistent, which results in a loss of searching ability.
  • The customer relationship management database has never been purged or carefully maintained, so it has unusable data or old leads within it.
  • Staff does not know how to pull reports for more effective cultivation or marketing efforts or for use in supervision.

Retirement DYNAMICS® Expert Assistance

retirment community customer relationship management consulting

Retirement DYNAMICS® consultants are well-versed in numerous software programs including REPS, AOD, Salesforce and others. If a community requests a recommendation for software, we remain neutral and customize our recommendations to meet the needs of your particular community by considering your goals, the previous experience of the staff, the current systems in place and the ability to transfer data.

  • Sales Counselor Education and Training. RD consultants educate and train sales counselors to utilize CRM data more effectively. The way information is entered in regards to prospect and contact, status codes, and source code among other data fields influences the value of a lead when attempting to segregate individuals for direct mailing or invitations to guest events. After years of experience with various database programs, RD consultants offer education and advice that work effectively.
  • Generating Reports. RD consultants offer educational programs on generating reports and identify which reports are useful. Various reports can be helpful in gathering information when marketing or when attempting to measure the success of marketing and sales efforts. RD consultants will identify the useful programs and their function in a sales counselor’s job, and offer instruction as to how to generate those reports. These reporting systems often offer the opportunity for the sales counselors and marketing directors to gather information quickly and effectively – working smarter rather than harder.
  • Database Clean-Up. Often, an existing database suffers from lack of attention. Either through lack of knowledge, complacency or the changing of staff in a sales department, the database has not been properly updated. Multiple entries may exist for the same individual; leads have not been in contact for more than five years and/or contact information may be invalid. RD can assist in cleaning and purging the present database so that it becomes effective and more manageable. The consultant will advise techniques in order to prevent further corruption of the database over the passage of time.

Your retirement community customer relationship marketing database is important — it is the lifeblood of your community. Keep it healthy or call RD in order to give it a check-up and tuning.

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