Company-Wide Customer Service Training for Senior Communities 

  • What is the marketplace jargon to be used with today’s customer?
  • Is your community shifting to a more hospitality oriented model?
  • What does the current consumer desire in their new retirement home and environment?

Retirement Community Current Trends

Remember the days of facilities, units, beds and (maybe even) patients? Those days are no more. As senior living has matured, the marketplace and the consumers have changed — and so have the current language and culture of the senior living housing marketplace.

So what is the “politically correct” or prospect-friendly language of today? What do older adults want when choosing their homes, their amenities and their service package? It is certainly more than the minimal living space and meals of the Greatest Generation or the multiple residential options and “cruise ship mentality” of the Silent Generation. As the Before-Boomers, Boomers and their adult children begin to decide how they want to spend the rest of their retirement years, they consider not only residential housing options, but amenities, services, health options, and the strong instinct for autonomy and individualism.

Retirement DYNAMICS® Expertise

comprehensive customer service training

As a consulting firm with more than 260 combined years of experience, Retirement DYNAMICS® ' consultants have had the opportunity to work with all of these generations — and listen and learn from these consumers of senior living. Company-Wide Customer Service Training provides an opportunity for the RD consultant to share information with management about industry changes and the emerging market, while providing a more general education about culture and language to all of the organizational employees.

It’s important to remember that EVERYONE at your community works in marketing. Elon University, known for its successful marketing across the country, trains its entire staff in customer service and marketing. If you stop and ask a landscaper to describe his job at the university, the response is quotable, “I am recruiting the best students for Elon.” Every member of your team has a direct and indirect influence on a potential resident and his or her family — from the way they conduct their job to whether or not they greet a visitor, there is an impact on the customer. Every employee needs customer service training because every employee is recruiting the best residents for your community.

RD Customer Service training for your staff will include:

  • information about objectionable words
  • say this-not that
  • what functions are as dated as the CD player
  • easy tasks to improve your retirement community
white glove retirement community customer service

The training also provides an overview of prospects and their characteristics and desires, including the Silent Generation (whom we are still serving), Before-Boomers, Boomers and adult children (who preview the community with different eyes than their parents).

ALL of your staff members can be superior marketers for your organization with appropriate training. Let them know their importance and their role in promoting your senior community, and empower them with the tools, attitude and language to be an avid ambassador.

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