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Resolution Realization

Monday, January 14, 2019

At the start of each new year, many of us feel compelled to set New Year’s Resolutions—save more money, lose a few more pounds, get more know what we're talking about! However, there's plenty of data that shows that many of us will give up on our personal resolutions before the snow has melted. But when we talk about business resolutions, we think it may be significantly easier to achieve them. Why? Because the focus is not on “me”.

Find solutions for problems

Focus Your Resolutions on YOUR CUSTOMER

It is undeniable that for most of us, serving the 55+ population is much more than a job or a career. It is a calling.Serving seniors, directly or indirectly, gives us purpose, engages our hearts, and challenges our minds.We may even be assured that, through our efforts, we will leave the world a little better for our contributions.

So, when we set our professional resolutions for 2019, focusing on who we serve will infuse our resolutions with the energy, passion and drive needed to achieve them.

Q: How are Goals and Resolutions Different?

A: Resolutions Help Achieve Goals

In our December Blog we talked about reviewing the past year and a setting meaningful, achievable goals for the new year. What is the difference between Goals and Resolutions? They are not the same thing. Goals are specific: tactical, measurable, numerical and directly relate to the bottom line. Such as: “Increase tour to move-in ratio by 20%”, or “Hold 4 more onsite events per month”.

But resolutions, especially in the workplace, play a supportive and motivating role. They should be qualitative. Think of your resolutions as more of a concept, a behavior, or an approach. Ultimately, smart resolutions are guiding principles that help improve our work and our sense of cohesion – which makes it easier to reach our goals.

Set Goals Plan and Act

What does a workplace resolution look like?

Here are a few examples:

  • Improve recruitment and hiring processes.
  • Improve communication with our families.
  • Take time to celebrate team successes.
  • Simplify cross-team communication within our community.

Where should we focus our resolutions?

As soon as you read the examples above, you may have thought, “Yes, but how do we choose which resolutions are best?” First, take a look at your company or your community's mission. What elements of the mission statement need attention, improvement, or action.

A mission statement is your promise. How well are you keeping that promise?

“At XYZ, we are dedicated to providing high quality care and personalized service to residents and their family members, making a difference one relationship at a time.”

This mission statement, could lead the team to ask the following questions.

Mission Promise

What is Needed

Quality of Care

What concerns do our residents have?
What does our nursing staff need?
What do our state surveys say?

Personalized Service

What services do we offer that are unique?
What services do we need?
Can we improve “personalization”?
What do our residents want?

Making a Difference

Can we measure this?
What sets us apart?
Where are we making a difference?
Are we good at communicating what we do?

Answering these questions can open up many more questions, so remember to keep it simple.Keep your resolutions few, and directly in support of your mission.Make sure they are aligned to help you achieve your goals.

Mission Promise


Personalized Service

Identified Need


More outdoor, interactive amenities for residents



Increase resident satisfaction by X% by 3rd quarter 2019



We resolve to build a dog park, onsite, for residents with dogs, that has ample seating for dog owners and non-owners alike for petting and viewing.

Working within your own budgets, goals, staff resources, and available space will certainly direct the achievement of your goals.But, knowing that you have identified a need, that is directly aligned with your community's mission, and a resolution that is customer focused, will motivate you to meet this need and will infuse your efforts with purpose.

The Power of Teamwork

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”

Teamwork is not only smart, it makes the job easier.

  • Make sure the team is in agreement with the goals and resolutions.
  • Assign specific tasks to team members.
  • Set timelines for each task.
  • Align budgets to each task.
  • Hold regular check-ins or meetings to address issues and check on progress.
  • Share successes!

Have fun! Post pictures online of the evolution of the project for residents to see. If this is a construction project, for example, post a webcam for 24/7 views. Talk about it with staff and residents. Keep the excitement and anticipation going.

When your resolutions focus on those you serve and respond to what they want and what you promise to provide, the accomplishment of your 2019 resolutions will be assured!

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