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Industry Trends in the Senior Living Industry - part 1

Monday, October 15, 2018

Is your community keeping-up with the newest trends to remain competitive?

Here are some of the newest trends we're seeing in the industry.Senior Dining Services

  1. Planning Ahead For The Large Onslaught Of Baby Boomers - Here's where you have to put your thinking cap on. Bridging the gap between the future baby boomer prospect and the current residents can be tricky. After reading some of the next trends, you'll see where you should be keeping sharp in order to attract the future residents.
  2. High-End Dining Options - More communities are offering high-end dining options in order to remain competitive with the local restaurants. More and more seniors are looking for this option when looking at Life Plan Communities. By offering a variety of dining options, (casual, bistro, coffee bars, wine bars & fine dining); you'll keep your residents on campus and spending their time (and money) with you.
  3. Skilled Nursing - Skilled Nursing Facilities (or SNF) are being revamped and updated as they provide a key source of revenue. However, some smaller Life Plan Communities are partnering with local Skilled Nursing providers to keep their costs down, yet still offer the service.
  4. Health-Care Mega Mergers - The constant changes in the health care industry affect the Senior population more than any other demographic. The medical group or insurer they have been using for years and feel comfortable with can change at the drop of a hat, forcing today's seniors to regroup and start the unpopular process of finding a new medical group and doctor.

More to come!

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