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Timing is Key

excitement before the product launch

“Timing is everything.” That adage is particularly true when it comes to assisting a person in his or her decision to move into a senior living community.

There are often two categories of senior living prospects. There are those who should move because of a presenting condition, a new diagnosis, a sentinel health event or an inability to handle things at home. This is a “need-to-move” prospect. Then there are those who have no presenting complaints; they are making and executing a plan for their future. This is a “choose-to-move” prospect.

With need-to-move prospects, the salesperson must point out how a senior living community and, in particular, your senior living community can best suit their needs over the future. Their decision may, out of necessity, happen quickly.

The choose-to-move prospect may have no pressing reason to make their decision and move. They are making a plan for the future and can delay their decision without a foreseeable negative consequence. This second group of people is often younger, vital, involved and can be a wonderful asset to your community and its community life. Often, these are the people who are interested in future projects and projects under construction because they are in no apparent hurry.

So, if there is no need to move, and these prospects feel like they have all the time in the world (even though they could be in their late 70s or early 80s), how do we inspire these prospects to move?

SpringboaRD is a launching strategy that systematically progresses prospects through various levels of commitment. The program builds the momentum and excitement, while strategic planning for development is executed by management and the development team. Seriously interested prospects are identified and courted. At the point deposits may be taken, the momentum is at a crescendo, and prospects reach a level of financial commitment to your project. 

SpringboaRD is particularly compatible with choose-to-move prospects and a future project that has a need for building interest and commitment in expansions and continuing-care-at-home programs. The earliest stage of SpringboaRD also allows the community an assessment of the interest level before the community makes major investments in consultants, architects and construction costs. You are able to answer the question: “Is the demand really there?”

Allow the momentum to build, so that your prospects are excited and ready to commit when it’s time to take deposits. Let Retirement DYNAMICS® assist you in exploring the level of interest and launching your new retirement community, senior housing project or senior living expansion.

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