Spread the WoRD Follow Up Campaign
Successful Senior Housing and Retirement Community Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

  • Does your community have an abundance of good leads that aren’t converting?
  • Are your sales counselors unable to follow up with leads in a structured, intentional wayand close the sale?
  • Are you looking for an effective, action-oriented marketing campaign that advances leads to a move-in date at your community?

Consistent Senior Living Direct Mail Marketing Follow-Up Campaigns

Retirement DYNAMICS® (RD) offers the Sread the WoRD follow-up campaign for communities looking for a consistent and intentional system of lead cultivation that engenders relationships between the sales counselor and the prospect — and stimulates the progression of conversion.

Good leads are important for your community’s sales counselors to succeed; however, these leads must be pursued with constancy and frequency. Each communication needs to have a focus — a commitment objective — or that communication risks being worthless and counterproductive to advancing the prospect toward choosing to make a move to your community.

With many years of senior living sales experience, the Retirement DYNAMICS® (RD) consultants have observed similar characteristics among sales professionals who were less than effective in their field. Underperforming sales professionals made follow-up calls randomly with no structured timeline, or they tended to make calls that really had no purpose or function other than to “touch base.”

While communication is essential to relationship-building — the heart of successful sales — no phone call should have “touching base” as its sole purpose. Before each phone call, every sales counselor should ask, “What is the next step, no matter how small, in advancing this person toward a decision?”

Lead Nurturing

Spread-the-WoRD is a marketing campaign that advances a lead in two specific ways:

  • Identification of and emphasis on the community’s unique sales position
  • Establishing a timeline for consistent, intentional communication.

In order to provide creative senior housing direct mail pieces, a timeline and script guidelines for the Spread-the-WoRD campaign, an RD consultant will gather and review your community’s collateral marketing materials, including: the signature brochure and any related brochures; previous ads and direct mail pieces; and any press releases that describe the community.

For purposes of distinguishing your community from the competition, RD also requests the marketing materials and website addresses of all competitors serving your senior market. Prior to an on-site visit, the consultant will provide a questionnaire to key staff members in order to gather their thoughts on your community’s differentiators. After reviewing of all materials, an RD consultant will conduct an on-site visit during which he/she will tour the campus and surrounding area and visit at least two of your competitors, as well as interview management and sales staff and at least three residents.

Within 30 days of return from the on-site analysis, the RD consultant will submit a senior living direct mail campaign outline for approval. Subsequent to authorization, creative artwork will be submitted and approved, with a timeline and script guide accompanying the direct mail art. This model necessitates a return visit to the community to train the sales counselors and marketing assistant on implementation of the strategy. Management is able to monitor and evaluate sales efforts as a result of the systematic approach to follow-up of leads.

Your database is your treasure trove; however, if your sales professionals are not diving deep, you may be missing potential conversions. Call Retirement DYNAMICS® about the Spread-the-WoRD campaign for a self-sustaining system of prospect follow-up to increase conversion of your leads.

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