RaDical Sales Summit in Pensacola, FL

February 28, March 1, and March 2

May 9-11

August 8-10

November 7-9

Equip sales teams. Cultivate prospects. Increase sales.

RaDical Sales is a system of turnkey tools proven to cultivate the toughest prospects into residents and increase sales. A series of worksheets completed with the prospective resident brings them into the process, takes their learning seriously, and cultivates the role of trusted advisor that establishes a partnership of trust that creates sales.

Senior Living sales vacillates between ticket-taking, befriending, and psycho-analyzing. RaDical brings sales back to its authentic place in the industry: creating trusted advisors that engage in serious work with their prospects about one of the most important decisions of their lives. RaDical creates professional senior living experts who know how to effectively and efficiently advise their prospects.

RaDical Sales Summit is a comprehensive learning experience designed to equip your teams with cultivation tools that increase occupancy. Our three-day workshop in Pensacola, Florida provides hands-on practice and use of these tools with other industry professionals. Your teams learn real cultivation, industry best practices, and gain support from professional peers. They leave ready to increase monthly sales at your community.

Cost: $1200 per community plus expenses (lunch provided).
Prepaid registration required.

Summit Agenda:

Introduction to RaDical: A comprehensive system that will highlight your strengths, strengthen your challenges, and give you tools to increase community and personal revenue.

Crafting a Common Vision: Why RaDical Thresholds Effectively Cultivates “not-readys”

Providing a Destination and How to Get There: In-Depth Learning of RaDical Thresholds and How to Use Them

Small Group Practice: Securing the Process and Managing Expectations

RaDical Foundations: Communication Styles and Strategic Tactics that secure sales

Small Group Practice: Making Your Sales Faster and More Secure

Next Steps: How to Continue Your Momentum, RaDical GO!

Don’t lose the momentum you gain after RaDical Sales Summit. Sign up for RaDical GO! today!

RaDical GO! is an ongoing e-learning curriculum designed to provide deeper and sustained learning for your sales professionals. Through a system of webinars, videos, turn-key team activities, and accountability tools, RaDical GO! sustains the excitement and momentum your team gains during sales training, continuing sales gains and increasing occupancy. RaDical GO! also provides metrics that alert you when deeper difficulties arise, helping you avoid occupancy dips that can cost millions in revenue by solving problems before they arise. RaDical GO! costs you little in time or budget and pays for itself exponentially through increased sales.

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