Continuing Care at Home (CCaH) Program Consulting

  • Nationally about 10% of an age- and income-qualified market moves to a Continuing Care Retirement Community. Whether your motivation is margin or mission does your organization aspire to serve more than 10% of older lives.
  • Do you have a Wait List? Does it offer graduated levels of commitment, connection, coverage? Is it as deep as you would like it to be? Does it provide for flexibility as you move forward into new services and residences?
  • Would you like to enhance your revenue by building a bright path for customers to choose your community or service BEFORE they are ready?
  • Studies agree that the majority prefer to stay in their homes, is your mission limited by your current boundaries?
  • Whether you have the desire or ability to operate a home care business there are ways to add margin and mission through new ideas of how to connect with the market and give them what they want where they want it!
many seniors prefer continuing care at home programs

Legislative, economic and market forces are strong influences for many age-focused organizations to consider new products and services to connect to a larger or more diverse part of the markets they serve. Some healthcare-focused organizations are focusing on pre-hab programs that build strength and shorten recovery times before orthopedic or other procedures. Continuing care at home (CCaH) programs started with The Robert Wood Johnson Grants 25 years ago and are now rapidly growing in number and members. For years some communities in unregulated states have offered similar offerings that insure access to the community and provide pre-qualified access to the community or special health care rates for those not ready to move yet. Even regulated states are providing ways to build connections and deepen relationships through your communities and services even if you do not have an existing home care business.

Listen to our Senior Marketing Consultant speak on Continuing or Lifecare at Home

RD CCaH consultants help explore, define and act on NEW ways for customers to invest with trusted providers to provide the ones they love with answers and solutions rather than hard questions and difficult value judgments during stressful situations.

RD is proud to have been a part of the Continuing Care at Home consulting teams that started the first CCaH in their states and continues to work with other groups that are exploring, researching and designing new services. Below is a list of the ways some organizations have used us to augment their internal teams or drive the strategic planning around CCaH, wait list enhancements or similar commitment and revenue producing projects.

  • Strategic planning for fit and benefit
  • Consumer research
  • Competitive and legislative review
  • happy seniors and their family
  • Program design
  • Actuarial partner selection and management
  • Board and resident education
  • Communication plan
  • Marketing and sales planning team building and education

If you are considering or want to learn more about how to enhance your mission and you margin and create new and deeper relationships with your target market, we would welcome the chance to visit and discuss this potential.

The number of seniors is growing, and they’ll make themselves at home where they please. Shouldn’t we give them a compelling choice of a good plan for themselves and the ones they love?

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