Senior Community Sales Team Training 

Could your salespeople benefit from learning how to:

  • Fine-tune techniques that allow them to identify the target market most likely to choose their community?
  • Conduct discovery early in the sales process to create efficiency of time spent with prospects?
  • Follow the proper stages of sales in order to expedite decision-making?
high flying sales team training

Because RD consultants are — first and foremost — salespeople and marketing professionals, we have an affinity and love for other sales and marketing professionals. Whether they are new to the field or long-time industry veterans, we wish for each of your team members to become the best that they can be in their role within your senior housing community.

The senior living industry, the sales environment and the typical prospect have evolved over the years. If an existing sales professional has not adapted to these changes, he or she may have limited or reduced effectiveness. An industry veteran may benefit from sales training while learning about the new paradigm in senior living. He or she may learn about the new prospects, what they desire, how they like to be approached and addressed, and how they go about researching the retirement community.

Not only can experienced professionals benefit from new knowledge, they often experience excitement over exposure to new information. Sales training can be a shot in the arm, a needed impetus toward improving performance.

For a sales person new to the field, education entails everything from an overview of senior living options and how they differ to how to utilize CRM software efficiently. The new salesperson is a blank slate and often the easiest to train. Also, early training can be the most beneficial, allowing the organization to groom the salesperson into using best practices before old, possibly ineffective, habits have taken root.

If requested, during the training process of either the new or existing employee, an RD consultant can evaluate the sales performance and future potential of individual staff members. The RD consultant can make recommendations for improvement or identify staff members who are not coachable, untrainable or remain entrenched in old, ineffective techniques.

RD Retirement Community Sales Training includes but is not limited to the following:

retirement community sales training success formula
  • The Stages of Selling
  • The Mind of the Buyer
  • Sales: The Nine Act Play
  • Tele Selling
  • Persuasive Communication
  • How to Talk to Seniors
  • Marketing Techniques You Can Count On
  • Standards for Sales; Why the Numbers Count

Your staff is one of the greatest assets of your organization. Just like buildings need facility maintenance for the community to remain competitive, your staff often needs a solid skill set OR an upgrade and renovation of their current practices. Call RD for senior housing sales training to enable your staff to be the best they can be and remain competitive in an ever-changing market.

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