RaDical Sales®:

Retirement DYNAMICS® Sales Training System Developed by Sales Professionals for Sales Professionals

  • Do you need an effective sales training program that teaches your sales counselors how to partner with the potential resident?
  • Do your sales counselors know how to help and guide leads through the decision-making process and ultimately close the sale?
  • Is your community looking for a system to establish metrics and hold sales counselors accountable?

RaDical Sales® by Retirement DYNAMICS® is a senior housing sales system and training manual for sales professionals crafted by sales professionals.

Many years ago, as the senior living industry transitioned from a focus on health care admissions using social workers to a lifestyle model using trained sales professionals, these organizations struggled with the terminology for describing a salesperson without using the word “sales.” Many adopted terms such as Retirement Counselor, Life Transitions Counselor and Lifestyle Consultant. The irony was that no matter what moniker the industry chose, prospects would walk through the door asking for the person in sales.

So what drove the desire to rename our sales professionals? Obviously, the marketplace asks and continues to ask for the salesperson. Were we, uncomfortable with the sales process because we saw our jobs as more than the traditional “selling of widgets?” Sales professionals in the senior living industry are promoting a product for the purpose of enriching the lives of older adults. The goal is to be a different kind of salesperson — one who is working with a person rather than selling to a person.

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With this sensitivity in mind and with years of experience working with prospects to help them discover the best direction for their future, an RD consultant authored RaDical Sales®. RaDical Sales® is a sales system in which the sales counselor partners with prospects to explore their lives, current needs, potential needs and desires for their future. From this perspective, both prospect and counselor work toward determining options that fit those discoveries. Prospects work with the sales counselor and complete homework assignments that promote discussion of challenging questions with spouses and loved ones. The return of that homework opens the door for speaking about difficult topics and feelings prospects often avoid.

RaDical Sales®'s Core

RaDical Sales® centers on the five decision-making thresholds the older adult must cross to make a great decision and the four connections the sales professional must make to help prospects cross every threshold. It is an excellent tool that teaches sales professionals to join with prospects in order to lead them to a satisfied move-in to your community.

In addition, RaDical Sales® is structured in a way that allows the sales counselor to determine where he or she is in the process of closing prospects at any given time. Benchmarks include daily and weekly standards as well as conversion rates between thresholds. This system and its metrics are useful for management and administration as they hold sales counselors accountable for their cultivation and conversion efforts.

Radical centers on the five decision-making thresholds the older adult must cross to make a great decision and the four connections the sales professional must make to

RaDical Sales® is about being a different and effective salesperson. The system offers methods for approaching the everyday pieces of the job like phone calls, presentations and visits. RaDical® can encourage a gratifying and authentic relationship between your prospects and your sales counselors. RaDical Sales® is about the success that comes from knowing who you are as a sales counselor and how to manifest that in your life. RaDical Sales® is about closing sales.

Training is accompanied by a sales training workbook.

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