Marketing and Sales Systems Analysis
Creating a Senior Living and Retirement Community Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy

Do any of the following statements describe your team?

  • There is no clear line of responsibility for fielding a lead, particularly when the prospect has health-related issues and may be referred from a hospital or other health institution.
  • Multiple sales people may be responding to the same lead.
  • The interested prospect is receiving multiple messages from your organization.
  • With no clear line of responsibility, you are concerned that some leads are falling between the cracks with none of your representatives doing adequate follow-through.
  • Your sales representatives do not effectively communicate with each other regarding prospects.
  • Communication between sales and other departments is ineffectual, leading to confused prospects, increased renovation time, and internal conflict.
  • There is no proven system in place for effectively following up with leads over a sustained period of time.

Retirement DYNAMICS® Approach to Senior Housing Marketing and Sales Strategy 

checking the new retirement community marketing strategy plan

Retirement DYNAMICS® concentrates on methods for improving marketing and sales performance and can assist organizations in identifying and shedding unproductive practices that hinder sales teams.

To accomplish this, RD often performs a comprehensive marketing and sales systems analysis, which focuses on process. Such an analysis is particularly beneficial to multi-site or multi-health services organizations.

In order to gain a clear understanding of your current operational policies and procedures, Retirement DYNAMICS® will request some preliminary data and reports for review before an on-site visit. During the on-site visit, RD will interview members of administration and management to clearly define the concerns and perceived problem areas. RD will also interview all of the marketing and sales professionals, along with some key staff members with whom the sales professionals interface. During those interviews, RD will explore current procedures, attitudes and opinions of those who are executing the current sales process. Personal interviews also provide an opportunity for the RD consultant to evaluate and determine if that particular employee is the correct person to serve in their current role within the organization.

What We Provide

Within 30 days of the site visit, the RD consultant will provide a complete senior living marketing and sales analysis with recommendations of organizational flow, recommended modifications to current procedures, and analysis of positions and personnel whose strengths would complement those positions and job responsibilities, potential compensation plans and metrics for supervision.

If your organization has struggled with clear lines of sales and marketing responsibility, and you would like to refine sales efforts and procedures for increased efficiency, call Retirement DYNAMICS® today.

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