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Why is the RaDical Sales System so Radical?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rather than enticing your prospective resident around the obstacles to a move (working from the outside), RaDical equips the prospective resident to remove the obstacles (working from the inside). RaDical turns the sale inside out.

8 Reasons To Give RaDical a Try:

It’s Authentic.

Authenticity with your prospective buyer is the most important strategy a salesperson can employ. Memorizing scripts and pretending you are not using worksheets breaks the flow of conversation and flattens the unique experience, expertise, and personality you bring to the table. RaDical gives you the tools you need and encourages you to tell your prospect you are using them! There’s nothing to memorize or contrive.

Authentic Radical SalesIt’s Customizable.

If an authentic voice is so important, then there is inherently no such thing as one-size-fits-all in a great sales system. Thresholds’ workbook offers a comprehensive set of tools born out of decades of conducting CCRC sales. During Authentic, you and your RaDical partner work together to add, subtract, or rearrange parts of Thresholds to the chronology and wording that fits you and your market the best.

It’s Collaborative.

No other sales system invites the prospect into the process of the sale. Most sales systems focus on ways for sales counselors to manipulate the prospective buyer. RaDical focuses on providing the information, processes, leadership, and guidance the prospect needs to make a great decision. RaDical performs like a guide book to help prospects through the thresholds of decision-making and to support your work with them.

Why Radical Sales

It’s Simple.

Just remember, Five by Four. Your prospect has five thresholds of decision-making. You have four connections to get them across each one: a call, a mailing, a visit, and a recap for each threshold. No flipping through pages. No trying to remember particular approaches in different situations. Practice your four connections over and over and you will continue to get better. Simple, revenue-producing expertise.

It’s Transparent.

Your first and hardest job is to get past the stereotype of being a salesperson. Best way to do that…admit you are salesperson, but prove you are an authentic one. RaDical lets your prospects into the inner circle. It does not condescend to them, but emphasizes learning and honors their decision-making process.

It’s Purposeful.

You will never make a phone call to check in again. RaDical works on a simple rotation of Connections: call, mail, visit, recap. Every time you call, you will be sending something in the mail. Every time you have a visit, there will be work to accomplish. Every time you write a note, you will get to recap important points. Purpose decreases the dread of phone calls, reaches quotas, and sells senior living.

It’s Practical and Specific.

RaDical is based on coaching the practice of the system. You learn four connections for each of the five thresholds and RD “partners” help you constantly improve on them! Repetition and accountability are key. RaDical accountability works off of weekly GOALS meetings. One hour dedicated to stating your Goals, reviewing Occupancy, discussing weekly Action items and reviewing Attendees to events, measuring Leads, and brainstorming about every hot lead close to a Sale is essential to the success and focus of a RaDical team.

It’s Measurable.

The ratings sales counselors and marketing departments use in their lead management systems are usually either effective for the salesperson’s memory or effective for the marketing department’s data, but rarely both. The problem is the obtuse nature of the terms we use to measure where a resident is in the buying process. How does one person define hot, cold, or warm as compared to another? Because RaDical is centered squarely on the prospect’s progress through a predictable process, ratings become much easier to define and much, much more effective. “Hot”, “cold”, and “warm” are now measured by the amount of time spent at each point in the process. Moving forward is always hot; slow is always warm; and stuck is always cold.

Join us next week as we take a journey through Thresholds, the framework for RaDical, and explore the decision-making process, discovery and collaborative work that happens there.

Guest Blog Contributor Deborah PotterThis blog entry is provided by guest writer Deborah Potter.

Deborah Potter is a consultant with Retirement DYNAMICS® as well as creator and author of RaDical Sales® senior housing sales system. She joined Retirement Dynamics after her rapid rise from sales counselor to area sales manager for one of the largest senior living systems in the nation. Her success is based on driving sales. She’s adept at helping teams to achieve maximum sales by educating older adults on the value of retirement living and equipping them to make the move. Deborah holds a B.A. in English from Auburn University and an M.A. in Sociology from the University of Denver.

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