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Who Is Searching For Your Web Site?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

After honing your web site to assure good positioning during a query, you must next attract your human customer. We acknowledge that each customer is unique with a unique set of desires or needs; however, it is often helpful to divide your customers into subsets:adult children and the adult consumers shopping for themselves. Each group seeks different information during a search, and their conversion times vary dramatically.

Problems and Solutions for Senior HousingTHE ADULT CHILD AS A CUSTOMER

Recent studies have shown that involvement of an adult child accelerates the decision-making process, and older adults consult with their children 73% of the time regarding an upcoming move. Also, keep in mind that the majority of the time, the adult child assisting with the senior living decision is female.

An adult child seeking a solution to a family issue becomes a frequent visitor to senior living sites. Family issues may range from concerns regarding a recent fall, an observation of memory loss, an inability to handle matters at home, or other pressing issues. An adult child customer is usually being reactive to a particular situation.

APPEALING TO ADULT CHILDREN – what are they seeking?

A Solution to a Problem

With that in mind, know that the adult child is usually looking for a solution to a problem. Therefore, your copy and images should reflect the services and amenities that support older adult parents. Emphasize such things as medication maintenance, transportation assistance, food preparation and delivery and other services that suggest the adult child may experience peace of mind knowing a parent has support built into a new living situation.


Frequently adult children are not retired, and they live busy lives. They may be working or juggling the demands of immediate family with the new demands thrust upon them as they take a more active role in the lives of their parent(s). Adult children want specific information, and they want it now. Therefore, your website should be informative with inclusion of fees and services that are included within those fees. Give as much specificity as you can.

Value of Reviews for Senior CommunitiesReviews

Typically, the younger the online customer, the more apt they are to have utilized the internet for online shopping. Through online experience, they have learned to utilize online reviews such as YELP, Google customer reviews, or a specific star system. Providing reviews on your site will increase your rate of conversion., one of the largest directories of senior services, found that assisted living and memory care communities with the Caring Stars award (based on positive reviews) got twice as many consumer inquiries and move-ins on average than partner listings without the award. (

In a nutshell, adult children:

  1. Want to solve an issue
  2. Want as much factual information as possible as easily accessible as possible
  3. Often utilize online reviews.
  4. Adult children most often are being reactive to a situation; however, older adults searching for themselves are a different story.

We will explore the older adult shopper next week.

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