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What Makes a Lead Talk

Friday, June 16, 2017

You do! Salesperson, know thyself: Are you the cause of your own suffering? People share private information when they feel either a) it’s in their best interest to do so; and/or b) when they feel safe.

Asking the Right QuestionsPrepare correctly

  1. Consider the impression you are making
    1. Hair
    2. Dress
    3. Mannerisms
  2. Create the right verbal impression
    1. Tone and volume of speech
    2. Speed and Presentation style
    3. Your reaction to them
  3. Create the right physical environment
    1. Privacy
    2. Intimacy
    3. Quality
  4. Organize Your Presentation Correctly
    1. There is a right and wrong order
    2. Appropriate points to talk and when to shut up
    3. Talk before tour
  5. Share the right information
    1. Positioning the community
    2. Explore using need-payoff questions (they are solution-centered)
  6. Genuinely be interested in your guests. Ask the right questions using smart lead-ins. Don’t leave it at socially acceptable responses. If you need to know, ask.
    1. I don’t mean to pry, but...
    2. I’d like to answer that fully. Would you please share with me......
    3. Could we narrow down your area of interest so that I can be more specific?
    4. What are you comparing this to?
    5. How does that affect your daughter’s life?
    6. Why are you looking into this now?

Asking the Right QuestionsEven if you adhere to recommended strategies and best questions, the prospective resident may continue to put up roadblocks and create obstacles.What do you do then?Next week’s blog will focus on persuasion and techniques to move the person forward in the decision-making process.


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