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What is RaDical Sales®?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

In our culture, the word salesperson conjures up all kinds of negative images. Overcoming this misconception becomes our first challenge when meeting with new clients or potential residents.As sales professionals in the senior living industry, we are promoting a product for the purpose of enriching the lives of older adults. The goal is to be a different kind of salesperson — one who is working with a person rather than selling to a person.

If you are having to SELL them, it's too late. You should be moving prospective residents through a process of discovery so that your community is revealed as the best option. In last week's blog about the approach to selling we explored the philosophy behind the RaDical Sales system, which encourages you to be an authentic salesperson, enabling this process of discovery and helping you close sales! Now, let’s define the process.

Radical Sales Learning SystemA Different Sales Learning System

Developed by senior living sales counselors for senior living sales counselors, RaDical is a sales system in which the counselor partners with prospects to explore their lives, current needs, potential needs and desires for their future. From this perspective, both prospect and counselor work toward determining options that fit those discoveries.

RaDical marries great philosophical and practical approaches to selling in our industry. It is focused on the five thresholds of a prospect’s decision-making process, the four connections a sales counselor must make to get them through each threshold, and the practice that makes you RaDically effective. RaDical is always taught by an RD consultant or “partner” committed to growing and strengthening great sales counselors in an industry devoted to older adults.

The Parts of RaDical Equal the Sum of Success

RaDical’s comprehensive system provides learning in what RD identifies as the Four C’s of great sales in senior living: communication, content, consistency, and counting. (The Four C’s should not be confused with the “four connections” mentioned earlier. Both are essential parts of RaDical and will be explained further in upcoming blogs.)

The core elements of RaDical are:

  1. Authentic (communication) kicks off the use of the RaDical system. Training is devoted to working through Thresholds (workbook) with your RaDical partner from Retirement DYNAMICS. The experience is designed to find and develop your authentic voice in every part of the sale and to customize Thresholds to your unique individual and community style.
    Where Authentic is about tone and communication, Thresholds is about content. Both are practiced and developed together.
  2. Thresholds (content), the centerpiece of the RaDical system, is the springboard for learning, coaching, and development throughout the RaDicalexperience. Thresholds is the actual sales interaction of RaDical.It is centered around the idea that the prospective resident goes through Thresholds or stages and that RaDical teaches the sales counselor how to be present with and equip the older adult to move effectively through those stages.5x4x3....The older adult goes through five Thresholds; the sales counselor uses 4 types of connection for each Threshold; and the whole decision impacts 3 aspects of the older adult's life.
  3. Praxis (consistency) is an ongoing development experience designed to apply and practice the use of all RaDical tools in real-life situations with prospective residents as you begin to apply them in your everyday visits with prospects.
  4. Benchmarks (counting) is a measurement and evaluation system that helps you and your manager identify where you need to grow and keep you on track for success.

The premise behind RaDical is structure — because every professional needs it. The goal of RaDical is authenticity — because people crave it! (This can’t be said enough). It recognizes patterns and maintains structure, yet it honors individuality. Because you can’t be “you” when you’re pretending – it is ineffective. Stay tuned as we explore why RaDical is so radical, next week.

Want to learn more right now, call us at (888) 897-7768 or send us a note through our contact form.

Guest Blog Contributor Deborah PotterThis blog entry is provided by guest writer Deborah Potter.

Deborah Potter is a consultant with Retirement DYNAMICS® as well as creator and author of RaDical Sales® senior housing sales system. She joined Retirement Dynamics after her rapid rise from sales counselor to area sales manager for one of the largest senior living systems in the nation. Her success is based on driving sales. She’s adept at helping teams to achieve maximum sales by educating older adults on the value of retirement living and equipping them to make the move. Deborah holds a B.A. in English from Auburn University and an M.A. in Sociology from the University of Denver.

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