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What can Inbound Marketing Achieve

Friday, January 12, 2018

Similar to outbound marketing, the marketer must establish some marketing goals for the inbound marketing approach. Inbound marketing yields both consumers with immediate needs and those who are looking long term. You may be instilling an interest in a person who is not actively looking for a senior living community; rather they are gathering information about growing older and making life choices regarding their future. Those consumers may be a longer-term prospect, requiring continued nurturing and cultivation.


Brand Loyalty Brand Awerness

Thanks to for the list of goals

  1. Brand awareness and reinforcement

    Branding is always an important component of your marketing strategies and this holds true for inbound marketing as well.Branding should be repetitive and consistent throughout all of your marketing efforts, creating recognition and a “feel” for your brand/community.

  2. Lead generation and nurturing

    Inbound marketing is a very effective means for generating new leads.Inbound marketing presents less of a cold-call situation because the person responding has done so out of an interest in something you have determined is relevant to them and their connection to your community.Inbound marketing also allows for a less-aggressive means to nurture and cultivate leads because you can appeal specifically to their interest or their current stage in the decision-making process.

  3. Customer conversion

    Inbound marketing efforts such as automated integration and drip campaigns enable each customer to have a unique response to their decision-making journey.Automated responses reduce the amount of time that the sales counselor needs to spend in determining the next steps in the “activity” category of their CRM.

  4. Customer service

    Your inbound marketing can be an effective tool for the users.To be a good tool, the information must identify topics that are helpful to the consumer.Educational articles or FAQ’s have proven to be consumer-friendly components of this inbound strategy goal.

  5. Customer loyalty and retention

    Customer loyalty can be found in numerous populations of your consumers:older adults seeking information; adult children seeking information; professionals in the field; referral sources; and people who have already invested and live in your community.The goal is to turn your consumers into loyal followers with complimentary shared stories about your community.

  6. Customer upsell

    Once engaged, the customer should not be dropped.Ongoing communication should continuously nurture the relationship so that the customers are continually engaged and taking steps toward a decision.

  7. Passionate subscribers

    This is the place to get input from your consumers.What do they have to say about your community, services, or information shared on your website?Testimonials are traditionally a welcome contribution to your inbound marketing efforts.

With these goals as the basis for your inbound marketing efforts, next week’s blog will identify what is inbound marketing and how to implement it within your marketing plan.

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