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Unique Selling Points – HIT REFRESH

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The past few blogs discussed the significance of branding and identifying your Unique Selling Point(USPs). Today’s blog emphasizes the importance of two points that at first might seem to be opposites.

  • 1 – Keep the main thing, the main thing.
  • 2 – Always review with the intent of remaining current and relevant.

RefreshAs to point number 1:

Now that you have identified your USPs, it is essential to disseminate the message through all vehicles and media.Thoroughly consider the focus of your advertising.Does every piece or presentation emphasize or contain an element of your USP? Keep people thinking about your distinctions and strengths in both direct and subtle ways. Use art design, font, content, copy style, images and pictures to reinforce your message.By intentional review of your messaging, you can “keep the main thing, the main thing.”

As to point number 2:

You conducted the research…you contrasted and compared to determine your USPs…you disseminated it through all avenues…but you are still NOT DONE! In fact, the process of identifying USPs and branding your community is never DONE. You should remain observant of your audience to be sure that the message has been received as you intended.Be prepared to tweak when necessary.

Constant and repetitive observation and review are necessary to be certain that your message and how you communicate it remain relevant in the marketplace. For example: in years past, community logos typically consisted of an image alongside the community name. In recent years, however, the forenamed image has been diminished or disappeared from representation altogether – some communities have turned to creative fonts with no image at all. Similarly, tag lines must be reviewed for relevancy and current language use. Words such as “comfort” and “care” can be interpreted as passive recipient words that the GI Generation accepted but the younger Silents and Boomers perceive to be off-putting (unless you are actually referring to their parents, in which case – well, never mind, because they need care, but we never will ☺) In addition to your imagery and word choice, you must consider whether your USPs and branding remain congruent with your organization as it has evolved over the years.Is it time for a re-imaging and re-branding?

It is a sensitive balance to keep the main thing, the main thing without allowing it to grow stagnant.It’s just like housework – never done! An effective marketing professional remains constantly aware of USPs, their effectiveness and their relevancy.

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