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The Pace of Holiday Sales and Marketing

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Although many sales professionals describe the holidays as a slow time for marketing, history and metrics indicate otherwise. Research into holiday trends reveal that inquiries traced through the website drastically increase during this time, particularly for the week following Thanksgiving and the week following Christmas. It’s not rocket science to realize that many adult children spend significant time with their parents over the holidays, often witnessing that life has changed for their parent(s).


The physical or cognitive abilities of a parent(s) may have declined, affecting their ability to maintain a level of independence, or even safety, that an adult child desires for his/her parent(s). The types of challenges an adult child may notice include, but are not limited to:

  • Difficulty managing steps
  • Lack of balance or steadiness of gait
  • Fatigue, lethargy
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Clutter in the home
  • Poor medication management
  • Declined driving skills, particularly after dark
  • Isolation, perhaps depression
  • No longer able to follow a recipe
  • Forgetfulness that impacts their activities of daily living (i.e. forgets medicine; forgets mealtimes; constantly loses keys, etc.)
  • One parent is fatigued due to increased care-giving required by a spouse
Noticing Health Changes in ParentsChristmas Family Visit

Whether the origin of the challenge is physical or cognitive, adult children often surf the web in an attempt to discover a solution.


A family’s challenge is the perfect opportunity for marketing personnel to showcase their community’s assets and services that will help to solve particular problems for people as they age. Marketing personnel should increase digital marketing efforts and advertising campaigns that are geared towards adult children. For the end of the months of November and December, ad campaigns, the website, and Facebook should be designed with vibrant holiday flair with adult children in mind.

RD blogs for December 16, 23rd, and 30th will explore the strategies of being proactive, creating a digital holiday focus, and staffing/training for holiday inquiries and traffic. Stay tuned.

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