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Radical Thresholds

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

At the core of RaDical Sales® is the hypothesis that our customers are immersed in a journey of determination about their future lifestyle and living situation. RaDical uses the term THRESHOLDS because our customers are at a threshold of several different phases of that decision-making process. Thresholds provides a framework and acknowledgement of the thresholds along with other information within the RaDical workbook from which the senior sales counselor can glean all the content, style suggestions, and processes needed to collaboratively help an older adult with a senior living decision.

Thresholds is not a script, but rather a framework that the sales counselor and RaDical partner use to understand the concept of the sale, to practice the particular parts of the sale, and ultimately discover and refine each counselor’s unique voice in every connection to the customer. Within each threshold, a counselor will move through several connections, but we will save that explanation for next week’s blog.

RaDical identifies the following five thresholds in the transitional journey:

Radical Sales ThresholdsThreshold I — Setting Goals and Identifying Needs

This earliest threshold is the level during which a prospect is gathering information. During this time, the sales counselor has the opportunity to uncover the basic goals and needs of the prospect and work in a partnership to discover ways in which those needs can be met.

Threshold II — Exploring Your Options

The second phase, or Threshold II, allows for the partnership to brainstorm possible solutions for problems or answers to goals. Together, prospect and counselor can discuss multiple living options and how they may or may not serve the prospect well.

Threshold III — Selecting a Community

When a prospect reaches Threshold III, you have the opportunity to illustrate how your community has the most value to this particular customer. At this point, you can visit the parts of the community that relate specifically to this customer. Each customer is an individual, and each should be treated as such to support the authenticity of your relationship with them.

Threshold to Radical Sales SelectionThreshold IV — Selecting a Residence

This final threshold could prove to be one of the most critical.It is a time to review the “resident wish list” that you have discovered in previous visits and match those to a home within your community. Among other factors, the Thresholds workbook encourages you to consider the following preferences: size of home, proximity to amenities, location on campus, and any health care needs.

Threshold V — Preparing for Change

Assuming you are still working with the prospect (which means you did an excellent job in matching the values of your community to the prospect) this is the time during which the final commitment is made between the prospects and the community. It is important to acknowledge their potential anxiety and proactively remind them of what a great decision they have made. Lastly, you must assist in preparing them for this adjustment and how they might take care of themselves during this life change.

The ultimate goal is to utilize the workbook to step across each threshold with a prospect in their senior living decision journey.It is not a script. Thresholds is customizable and is shaped to highlight the strengths and unique qualities of the particular sales counselor and community during the authentic learning experience.

Next week’s blog will dig into the type of connections within each threshold level. Come back next week to learn more...

Guest Blog Contributor Deborah PotterThis blog entry is provided by guest writer Deborah Potter.

Deborah Potter is a consultant with Retirement DYNAMICS® as well as creator and author of RaDical Sales® senior housing sales system. She joined Retirement Dynamics after her rapid rise from sales counselor to area sales manager for one of the largest senior living systems in the nation. Her success is based on driving sales. She’s adept at helping teams to achieve maximum sales by educating older adults on the value of retirement living and equipping them to make the move. Deborah holds a B.A. in English from Auburn University and an M.A. in Sociology from the University of Denver.

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