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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cooler temperatures and the changing colors of leaves in the fall kindle my thoughts about the holidays. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas are times when many families gather or reconnect with each other to celebrate.For an older adult, however, the holidays may be a time that is emotionally difficult, even a bit depressing. Sometimes, the holidays trigger thoughts and memories of happier days when the house was full of spouses and children. The traditions, meals and celebrations of yesteryear may no longer be a part of today’s experience and ruminating on those losses may create a sense of sadness or even depression in older adults.

Holiday Preparations for Seniors Sadness for Seniors during the holidays


Thoughtful gift-giving can express one’s love, devotion, and continued concern for older adults within your family.However, as parents, grandparents, or other relatives grow older, it is often difficult to find the perfect gift that doesn’t just stay in the box or end up in the give-away stack after the holidays pass and everyone returns home. Face it:older adults have lived long enough to receive an awful lot of gifts over their lifetimes. Additionally, many older adults hold onto many of their favorite items so may not need another shirt, tie, robe, or slippers. Thoughtful gift-giving requires acknowledging what an older adult treasures, values, or needs, and what they might find beneficial to their lives – even if they don’t recognize the potential advantage.


During the month of November, the RD blogs will explore:

  • Attentive gift-giving for the older adult
  • Appropriate gift-giving for the older-old adult
  • Enriching our residents’ experiences during the holidays

Hopefully, you will find this information beneficial, both personally and professionally. The holidays are a perfect opportunity to enrich the lives of those we touch and enable you to add joy to older adults who are a part of our lives at work and at home. Stay tuned for November blogs about the holidays and gifting ideas.

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