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Thursday, November 24, 2016

As in any group of individuals, there is no one definition or set of characteristics that describe each and every member of the group. Seniors experiencing a greater degree of decline – either physically, cognitively, or both –will leave their homes less, or at least drive less, after dark. Therefore, all interactive gifts for this segment of older adults should keep mobility or driving issues in mind. To address the issue of those living at home who are reticent to drive, consider gifting an Uber or SilverRide if available in your area.In addition to transportation services, SilverRide provides the option of accompaniment as well.

Gift of Time Spent with Senior

For those residing in senior living communities, many service-related gifts are already part of the monthly fee package, making gifts of cleaning services, a Roomba or Moomba, redundant. Instead, think of the community’s a la carte services that might benefit your loved one:

  • Additional meals not covered in meal package
  • Services of a masseuse
  • Services of a personal trainer
  • Expanded channels on television
  • Gift certificates to the salon, on or off-campus
  • Gift certificates to Uber

If you would like to assist them in limiting their monthly expenses, consider one of the following:

Gift of Massage
  • A month of vacation from monthly maintenance fees
  • A gift certificate to the grocery store with door-to-door delivery
  • A correspondence gift of stationery and stamps

For those experiencing some physical difficulties, consider:

  • Walker ski slides
  • A new walker with wheels (rollater), if appropriate
  • Cup holder or basket for assistive device
  • Automatic jar opener
  • LED floor lamp with magnifier
  • TV ears – portable listening device

Whatever gift that you choose, remember that your time spent with a loved one always takes the utmost precedence in their lives.“Things” in the lives of an older adult diminish in proportion to the significance of the relationships they cherish. Your time is the best gift of all.

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