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Maneuvering a Roadblock During a Tour

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sometimes you’ve followed all of the guidelines and implemented all of the recommended strategies, and the prospective resident or family member still throws up obstacles and roadblocks. What do you do next?

Sales Roadblocks ExaminedIf you’ve done it right and they’re still not ready

  1. Determine the actual cause/address the real problem
    1. Timing
    2. Availability of product
    3. Price
    4. Unanswered questions
    5. They don’t trust what you have told them
    6. No one to help them
    7. Not enough pain
  2. What actions can you take to cure it?
    1. Incentives
    2. Do something personal for them
    3. Call them back when they’ve said no
    4. Increase awareness of their pain
    5. Shock them
    6. Ask them better questions

Persuasion Techniques*

The following themes are adapted from three books: Spin Selling; Stop Telling, Start Selling; and Life Matters: Doing What Works, Doing What Matters, as well as the works of Tony Robbins.

Persuasion means it’s time to deal with all the things that aren’t socially polite. If you want to know someone’s viewpoint and values, ask. You need to give the prospect a solid emotional reason to do business with you and address his fear of making a bad decision.

Explore clarity of viewpoint – This is when a prospect responds to your question or statement ambiguously, i.e., if you ask when the prospect is thinking of making a move, and he responds, “at some point in the future when things aren’t as easy for me.” Other ambiguous statements include, “It’s tough to get old,” and “Life isn’t as easy as it was years ago.”

Emotion is important to understand – When an issue is emotionally charged, precise, logical questions do not sway a viewpoint. When a person announces his point of view, he will strongly tend to defend that belief regardless of its accuracy, often despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Have clarity of Values – Understand that there are two different types of values: Means values are about things:houses, cars, investments, computers, traveling, marriage, children, sex, sports, boats, fishing, etc. Ends values are the feelings associated with the means such as love, fun excitement, ecstasy, happiness, security, freedom, action, adventure, peace of mind, success, health, power, etc. What means and ends does your prospect value?

  1. People move toward pleasure and away from pain. We are afraid to grow old, die and be in pain.
  2. Attraction – safety, security, comfort
  3. Avoidance – losing money, rejection, failure, losing independence, criticism, the unknown, looking foolish, humiliation, anxiety, feeling confined, death

Sales Roadblock

When I meet a community sales team for the first time I ask them what they think the difference is between any other salesperson and a retirement community sales counselor. What’s the answer? The retirement community counselor must work with prospects, live with prospects and see prospects every day once they move in; the same can’t be said of the person who sells you your car. That’s credibility!

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