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Making the Most of Your Tours

Thursday, June 01, 2017

The somewhat slower pace of summer presents a good time to reexamine your procedure for tours and other prospect interactions. Throughout June and July, the RD blog will explore tour, discovery, and follow up procedures. Everyone can benefit from reassessing their current methods.

An Effective Tour Begins BEFORE The Tour.

First ImpressionsHave You Walked Your Community Recently?

When was the last time you drove into your community, then walked the path that your prospects take every time they visit? When was the last time you walked the halls to see your major amenities? What might you find if you stayed overnight in one of your guest rooms?

Sometimes we just don't see the forest for the trees, and we need a wake-up call!

A list of items to consider as you walk around:

  1. Are there areas outside that need paint touch-up or pressure washing?
  2. Do you have signage labeled "Future Resident Parking" for marketing guests?
  3. Are the glass doors spotless every morning to greet your prospects?
  4. Are the carpets vacuumed every morning?
  5. What do the planting beds look like around the entrance? Oh, no! Not weeds!!
  6. Do all light bulbs work at the entrance and in your offices?
  7. Examine the paint on baseboards, doors, doorframes and elevator entrances. Are there numerous dings and scrapes?
  8. How does your marketing office smell? Is it musty?
  9. Do the furnishings at the entrance look dated and tired?
  10. Are signs TAPED to the walls of your elevator or elsewhere?
  11. Have you spent the night in your guest apartment recently? Are there quality towels? Do you have refreshments such as coffee and tea with all the fixings for visitors? Does the heat and A/C work properly? Is the mattress comfortable? What is the condition of the shower head?
  12. Are any items stored in full sight along marketing paths that should be somewhere out of sight?
  13. Look out of the windows…what do you see? Have chairs and tables blown over? Have pieces of paper blown across the grounds?

First Impressions FlowersConduct what some may call a "tacky tour."  Walk your community once per week and be discerning. Prospects judge the community by what they see first. Have you ever had an adult child comment, "If you don't take care of your buildings, why would I want you to take care of my mother?"  Think about it. How would you feel if today were your first visit to your community? As one provider called it appropriately…today it is a beauty contest between communities. How are YOU looking today?


Thanks to Bonnie Blair for this contribution to the RD Blog.

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