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Is your Sales Counselor the right individual for the Job?

Monday, October 01, 2018

You can have the most beautiful campus, the best services and amenities, reasonable pricing and outstanding medical staff in your market, but it means nothing if you do not have the correct sales person representing your community.

Explaining a CCRCAs the old adage goes "people buy from people they like."

This still rings true in the CCRC industry, especially the senior demographic!

This generation needs to trust and feel completely confident in their sales person when making such a major life decision as to move to a Life Plan Community. It takes a certain type of individual to connect with a senior. Some of the personality traits you should be looking for are - patience, compassion, honesty, integrity and of course intelligent with strong sales skills. I've seen it many times; a potential future resident can see through a pushy, impatient or untrustworthy individual in a heartbeat. The best sales counselor does not work from a canned presentation. They are able to let the discovery process flow smoothly by adapting to the prospects personality. Is it a young vibrant couple, or a older widower in poor health? Every sales appointment is different and a good sales counselor can easily adapt their presentation (as well as their personality) to each situation to create a strong and successful relationship. There, I said the word - RELATIONSHIP.....that's the most important word when it comes to a good sales counselor. They need to be aware that this is not your typical in-and-out sales cycle where you may never see the prospect again. Each appointment needs to be approached as the beginning of a lifelong friendship. By becoming a resident, you will have the occasion to see this individual every day while working in the community. You very often will get to know their children or other important relatives. These family members can be just as important to the sales process as the future resident themselves. So a strong personal connection needs to made with them as well. So, the importance of finding the right personality in your sales counselor can mean the difference between a successful or non-successful community.

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