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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The next principle of branding is innovation. Creativity is what gives brands traction in the marketplace. A creative brand will not only catch the attention of the audience, it has staying power once introduced.

Innovation and creativityMany organizations have difficulty with creativity. Why is that? Creativity is right-brained and strategy is left-brained. It could be that our organizations are well-versed in strategy and execution. Often those who are skilled strategists do not have strong right-brain skills, making creativity difficult for them. Those who are left-brained are comfortable with a linear, rational path: A leads to B leads to C.Creativity often has a meandering, circuitous path. Therefore, be sure to involve both types of thinkers on your team. If you do not have right-brained creative types, be sure to attain those talents by contracting for services through a creative agency or marketing consulting team member.

When creating your imagery or art concepts, a great name deserves great graphics. Take your time to create the ideal concept and graphic.Use good visuals, lines, swoops, colors, and imagery. Be sure your artwork is congruent with who you are.If your community is elegant, your font as well as your logo and pictures should reflect that refinement. If your community is relaxed and natural, the look should reflect that as well.

As a final note, remember that some things evolve over time. When your community becomes innovative by changing its services, and products, renovating and expanding, it may be an opportunity to reimage and rebrand. Think about the evolving image of Belk or the changing logo of McDonald’s. When your community changes, you should determine if your current branding remains consistent with the new image you wish to impart.

Author: Patty Scotten

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