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Industry Trends in Senior Living - Part 2

Monday, October 22, 2018

Part 2 of our discussion on Trends in the Senior Living Industry.

Seniors and Technology Ipad
  1. Technology - As seniors become more tech savvy and the industry is constantly offering more advanced technology, communities need to brace for the changes they will need in infrastructure and connectivity in order to remain competitive. Older communities may have trouble if they don't plan accordingly in this area.
  2. Smaller, More Custom Living Arrangements - As more Americans are embracing the smaller living options, so too will seniors. They can offer more affordable options therefore, appealing to a larger customer base.
  3. Tying Into The Younger Residents - Keeping your eyes on the growth of the 55+ communities will keep you abreast oft he types of lifestyle your future residents wish to live. When this group is ready to move to a Life Plan Community, they will have more options than ever before. Look for more active, socially aware and specific branded groups (think interests - religious, sexual, ethnicity). Stay tuned for more on this subject in future blogs.
  4. Similarly, Attracting the Gray Divorce Single - Divorce among the 55+ crowd has almost doubled since the 1990's. That results in over a 43% rise in seniors living along just since 2000. This will shape your future thinking of floor plan sizes, social activities, dining & service options.

More To Come Next Week!


Check out our blog from last week as well: Industry Trends - Part 1.

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