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Inbound Marketing – Is it a Choice?

Friday, January 05, 2018

In the past, most marketing efforts concentrated on outbound marketing. Marketing specialists purchased lists of age-and income-qualified leads, worked diligently on ad campaigns and direct mail pieces, and even made cold calls. Those strategies have become less and less successful over recent years as the potential audience has gained control over what they choose to receive.


Numerous studies have been conducted and articles have been written about the growing use of the internet and the impact on consumer behavior. Use of the internet, along with other technologies, have equipped today’s consumer to be more selective in what they choose to consume. With current technology, consumers can identify or block callers on the phone, skip ads, block pop-up ads, or otherwise limit what they choose to see.

  • 200 million Americans have listed their phones on Do Not Call lists
  • 86% or people skip TV ads
  • 91% of people opt-out of emails that they have subscribed to
  • 44% of direct mail is never
  • Ad-block or limit pop-ups in browsers and phones

These added capabilities can hamper traditional outbound marketing thus making inbound marketing a critical part of your marketing efforts.


Inbound marketing is not necessarily a strategy; it is more of an approach. Inbound marketing is the use and interaction between several vehicles to achieve consumer interest.Inbound marketing takes the centricity of marketing from the marketer and replaces the consumer as the epicenter of marketing efforts; therefore, inbound marketing must be of interest and relevant to the consumer in order to draw them into your community. Inbound marketing earns, rather than purchases the lead and loyalty.


January is a good time to reconsider your marketing efforts and their effectiveness. Have you been frustrated by the lack of connected phone calls each day? Have you been disappointed in the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign? Are your current outbound marketing efforts not yielding the results you desire? Perhaps enhancing your inbound marketing program is something you would like to achieve in 2018. Upcoming RD Blogs will explore inbound marketing and provide helpful tips for your inbound marketing efforts. Stay tuned in January.

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