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Don’t Throw the Baby out with the Bath Water

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The latest new thing is exciting and automation and digital metrics are both wonderful strategies to be incorporated into our marketing strategies. I encourage the use of both strategies. However, sometimes the shiny new technique grabs all of our attention and results in less attention towards the basics. The key is to resist this phenomenon so that we maintain a balance between existing and new strategies.

The next marketing thingMAINTAINING BALANCE

In order to remain effective in sales and strive beyond current efficiencies, traditional metrics, digital metrics, and automation will contribute toward achieving maximum results. Step one is to determine the correct numbers necessary to achieve the desired occupancy as described in the June 8th   and 15th blogs. Using historical metrics, those numbers convert to the actual “next steps” needed for conversion. The natural progression is implementation of these next steps/benchmarks into your automated CRM program. The icing on the cake is to create another set of “next steps” for website visits so that each prospect gets a customized, personal response based on the actions taken on the website. Those actions can also be incorporated into your automated CRM plan, bringing everything full circle.


The benefits of integrating all of these strategies together are multifaceted.

  1. Current successful strategies are continued.
  2. New strategies complement existing strategies.
  3. Next steps are standardized with less room for error.
  4. Digital touches achieve more personalization before an opportunity of relationship-building during any face-to-face visits and feed back into the CRM.
  5. Early devotion toward input yields time and revenue savings in the long term.
Not throwing the baby out with the bath water

Bottom line: don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.Just because there are new things that work well and extend capabilities, don’t fall victim to devoting all of your attention to the new things exclusively.Be sure to maintain balance and continue to implement those things that have worked and continue to work in yielding sales and maintaining desired occupancies.

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