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CRM Training - Who ya gonna call?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

To be quite honest, I have never fully understood a sales counselor’s lack of making calls. I do understand that it can be considered dull and even demoralizing at times when people we call can be unreceptive….if not downright rude. However, making calls to our leads is an integral part of a sales counselor’s job.

Customer Relationship ManagementUsing a salesperson formula:

  • calls lead to relationships 
  • which lead to meetings
  • which lead to opportunity to move forward commitment 
  • and commitment leads to conversion into sales

Even if your community has a healthy wait list, a slump in the economy or a decision for a community expansion may make your wait list or dependence on drop-ins inadequate.


Of course a resident referral is a gold mine; we all know that a resident referral has a strong possibility of a conversion. But second to that lead is one that is sitting right under your nose, a current lead in your database or customer relationship management system (CRM).If data entry into your CRM has been efficient, your CRM is the treasure chest full of potentials who have already expressed an interest in your community. So who ya gonna call? – your leads list in your CRM.

Notice the qualifier:if entry into your CRM has been efficient. I abhor the expression “garbage in, garbage out,” but it rings true in the use of a CRM. What you choose to enter and how and where you enter it can impact your ability to retrieve it. Many Retirement DYNAMIC consultants specialize in CRM systems and are an excellent resource in cleaning up your data base should it need it.These experts also offer training so that is stays in shape for effective utilization in the future.Getting your database up and running in an effective manner is like buying a list but even better; we know these people have an interest in your community.


Perhaps you have carefully maintained your database so that it is accurate and up-to-date, with all appropriate categories and statuses. Good for you. Pat yourself on the back; you would be surprised at how few people can boast of that accomplishment. The other question is are you able to pull out the reports you need to boost your efficiency in both supervision and budgeting?

CRM systems are effective instruments to create accountability among your sales staff. Hopefully, the benchmarks encouraged for sales staff can be gathered from CRM reports. Then the Director may coach staff as to how they might increase their calls or focus on leads with a greater chance of conversion. It has been demonstrated that it is not the number as much as the quality of your calls that count in moving prospects to residents; however, there are benchmarks that ring true to be successful.

Additionally, when information is entered properly, the sales director may track expenses per campaign or event so that the return on investment can be evaluated. Once again, a training opportunity for sales directors and their staff.

Training is an investment. It is an investment in your staff and by its return will become an investment in your community. Whether it is Customer Service Training for the entire staff or Sales Training or CRM Training for the sales department, RD is always excited to share its knowledge and build the skills of your team. We live by the adage shared in the Women’s Calendar: Only one thing is more rewarding than your own success and that is being a part of someone else’s. We would be honored to be a part of increasing your success through effective training.


For additional  information visit our CRM Training Page.

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