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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

So I know you’ve heard the adage:Two heads are better than one. That timeless adage speaks to the next principle of branding, collaboration.The adage is based on the premise that better things (products, ideas, processes) evolve when many people are consulted or involved. Over time, we refined that concept into the concept of synergy.Dictionary .com defines synergy as being “the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.” “A designed beauty of synergy is that it serves only to add, never subtract.“ —Barb Rententbach, Synergy(2009)


If that is the accepted assumption, we should always include collaboration to increase the effectiveness of our brand. So who should we involve? The integrated marketing team should include all of the following:Prospects, Residents, the Marketing Team, the Executive Team, and your Creative Agency which would include print, web and social media. (these same groups and individuals may be utilized during the principle of validation as well). When you include essential and informed people 1+1 begins to equal 11, rather than 2.“The mathematics of collaboration are nothing less than magic,” says Tina McCleod, a principal and consultant for Retirement DYNAMICS. These same individuals or groups may be utilized during the principle of validation as well.

Bobby Sumner has a favorite quote from Ken Blanchard:No one of us is as smart at all of us. The consultants at Collborate for synergyRetirement DYNAMICS are firm proponents of collaboration. We are often privileged to join the table of collaboration with the communities with whom we are engaged. All of us together work diligently to use our synergy to create better products, services, and amenities for those we serve.

Author: Patty Scotten

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