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Hospitality - The Culture of Hospitality

Thursday, April 28, 2016

In an effort to transition to a hospitality culture, our most recent blog encouraged you to consider the physical environment: assess your plant facilities, correct delayed maintenance issues, completely renovate, or consider expansion projects. There are many factors to consider when rolling out a new hospitality image for your community. Today’s blog tackles the more subtle, perhaps less tangible, factor — the service delivery program. The way in which services are delivered becomes as much a part of your community as the physical environment, and it may adversely affect the transition to true hospitality if you’re not careful. ...Read the rest...

Hospitality - The Look of Hospitality

Thursday, April 21, 2016

In our previous blog on the physical plant, we identified elements that may be standing in the way of creating a hospitality environment. Now we must look at what the community wishes –– and can afford –– to accomplish. ...Read the rest...

Hospitality - a Welcome Approach to Senior Living

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Last week we discussed how perceptions of senior living are improving among today’s generations, as well as those we will serve tomorrow. Recent research reveals that younger audiences are more apt to select a senior housing option for themselves or a loved one. So what’s going on, and why is perception improving? The reasons are many — not the least of which is hospitality. The provider’s effort to improve the product and delivery of service is not just for hotels and resorts. And it’s gaining ground as a key component of senior living. ...Read the rest...

A Good Look at Senior Living

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Lois Bowers’ recent article in McKnight’s Senior Living offers valuable insight into the perceptions of people considering senior living options for loved ones or themselves. Her article, Survey Reveals Senior Living's Current, Potential Appeal, describes a survey conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International in which 1,002 English and Spanish-speaking individuals were interviewed by phone regarding their feelings about senior living, including: ...Read the rest...


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