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Adult Children as Planners in Planning Mode

Thursday, December 22, 2016

In stark contrast to the adult children who jump to solve parental concerns noticed during the holidays are the family members who observe the progression of aging over time. While a recent severe decline may be unnerving, these children tend to begin planning rather than panic. Their inquiry is a breath of fresh air to all senior living counselors. ...Read the rest...

Factors of Timig - Acute or Futuristic

Friday, December 16, 2016

Let’s review what motivates a spike in senior living inquiries directly after the holidays: Either an adult son or adult daughter, perhaps both, visited Mom or Dad, only to be shocked when confronted by the poor level of functioning observed. This is not the situation anyone desires for beloved parents. The reaction to this typically falls into one of two categories – (1) panic and the desire to seek an immediate solution to their problems, or (2) proactive concern and the desire to set in motion a plan that will solve the problem at hand and provide a long-term solution to today’s issues and those to come. Each of these responses may land the adult child on our phone line or on our doorstep, but each should be handled differently. ...Read the rest...

Holiday Inquires on the Rise

Thursday, December 08, 2016

The holiday season arrives with a special treat for senior living sales counselors – increased phone inquiries and drop-in visits from adult children. As you can observe from the following chart shared by Senior Living News, the increase occurs directly after Thanksgiving with an even greater surge in calls directly after Christmas, spanning into the new year. ...Read the rest...


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