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Building revenue without building buildings

Friday, February 23, 2018

In late 1980’s and the 1990’s, a few Life Plan Communities or CCRC’s began to utilize a new strategy to serve - the Continuing Care at Home Program, also known as a CCRC Without Walls.A CCaH program is a more complex strategy through which a community can increase its revenue stream by an influx of both entry and monthly fees.


A Continuing Care at Home program is a program offered by an existing CCRC.In exchange for an entry fee and ongoing monthly fees, the community offers services that include all or some of the following services:care coordination, routine home maintenance, in-home caregivers that provide the services of an assisted living or nursing facility, transportation, meals, and social and wellness programs.The ultimate goal is to maintain a person’s ability to remain at home, but the program also provides for necessary assisted living and skilled nursing care in affiliated assisted living and nursing homes in the area should the individual need to move in order to receive the care needed.

Bricks and Mortar BuildingTHE VALUE ADDED BY A CCaH PROGRAM


The good news is that this program requires no building in order to garner the entry and monthly fees.Additionally, many, but not all, of the staff members needed for such a program are already in the stable of employees. The CCaH program will require a director of the program, care coordinator, and caregiver(s): the number of caregivers is commensurate with the number of enrollees.Management can often use the existing marketing professional to market the CCaH along with the other offerings of the community.Integration of the CCaH and the existing Life Plan Community provides the greatest return and satisfaction of participants.


For years, we have realized that the majority of senior adults are not served by a Life Plan Community simply because they cannot financially qualify for services.The hefty entry fees often drain the assets of our consumers so that they would not have the required disposable money available for long term expenses at our communities.With lower entry and monthly fees associated with a CCaH, the pool of qualified prospects increases, allowing us to serve a population in need of our care and attention.


In addition to those who cannot afford a traditional Life Plan Community, there are those who choose not to move to a Life Plan Community.The statistic has remained steady throughout the decades:over 90% of seniors would rather stay in their own home.A CCaH offers the best of both worlds.The senior remains in the familiarity of home while their future care needs are assured by the CCaH program.

Next month, our March blog will be totally devoted efforts to make senior services more affordable.

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Patty Scotten - Blog AuthorPatty Scotten is a consultant with Retirement DYNAMICS® and serves as their marketing manager. Patty has over twenty five years’ experience in the senior living industry and has led several communities in preselling expansions or increasing occupancy levels. She graduated from Elon University and holds a Masters Degree from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Patty is licensed as both an assisted living and nursing home administrator.


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