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Beyond the Numbers

Friday, June 22, 2018

Metrics have been a basic building block of an effective sales campaign for years; however, with today’s technology, sales professionals can go beyond just numbers to be more effective in their marketing efforts. As utilization of the internet has grown among both adult children and older adults searching for senior living, the ability to maximize marketing efforts online has become imperative. Websites are crucial to effective marketing efforts. Additionally, automation presents a strategy to optimize our marketing and sales efforts.

AUTOMATING NEXT STEPSconversion Automation

Moving through the decision-making process is a series of steps for the prospect. Retirement DYNAMICS calls them Thresholds through which each individual must pass in order to be prepared to move forward in the decision ( Every touch, whether it be phone call, meeting, email, text, or general inquiry should result in achieving a commitment objective, moving the prospect forward. For years, sales directors and counselors have achieved objectives through a pre-determined system that is manually entered into the database by each and every sales professional, leaving room for interpretation that may lead to inconsistencies or failure of implementation. With automation, the same “next step” is automatically entered for each sales counselor based on the same predetermined series of events.Automation addresses two needs:

  1. The sales counselor is freed from menial, repetitive data entry, allowing for increased time to continue relationship-building with prospects.
  2. The “fall between the cracks” incidents are eliminated since the next step is automatic, removing the chance for error, inconsistent entries, or negligence.


Another capability on the internet is discovery of the “typical consumer.” By the online behavior of visitors, current software is able to glean who might be the typical consumer for a community, enabling the marketing professional to design campaigns that appeal to that particular group.Instead of the “shotgun approach,” marketing can be designed especially for the interests and behaviors of the identified customer groups.

Additionally, analyzation of recorded phone calls can predict the buying behavior of individuals through automated software programs. Spooky, but true. From turn-of-phrase to word usage, the software program can predict which product is the best fit and the likelihood of conversion for that particular caller.

Sales Conversion Automation


Leading to the best of all – personalizing the guest experience. When we know the behavior and interests of groups, we can begin to personalize their experience when they interact with our community. For instance, when an adult child visits the website to explore assistance for their parent(s), the metrics indicate that they arrived on our webpage on the homepage, then visited About us, and then proceeded to the Assisted Living page. When they return to our site the next time, we can personalize the experience so that this visitor has a more unique experience with pictures of life enrichment in assisted living, homecare services, an informative article about adult children providing support for parents, or an invitation to an event or meeting.

Numbers and metrics remain important, but quality of touches is important as well. Automation enables us to make interactions more meaningful, even before the face-face meetings.

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