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Be Prepared for the Holiday Blitz

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The key to maximizing the opportunity provided by increased inquiries in the weeks after the holidays is to be aware of the trend and plan accordingly – be proactive. Many marketing strategies aimed at adult children can be implemented but the most successful ones may be digital and print.


Recognizing this trend in internet inquiries each year, your digital advertising budget should be elevated during the months of November and December with specific concentration during the week after Thanksgiving and the week after Christmas. Remember that your target audience is adult children so they will be using computer searches. Consider the use of all digital marketing forms including pay-per-click (PPC), display ads, and remarketing.


Your PPC budget should be higher than in other months of the year. If you have budgeted otherwise, “rob Peter to pay Paul.” In other words, reduce the PPC budget in other months in order to allocate those dollars to the months of November and December. When choosing your basic terms or keywords for the PPC, never lose sight of your adult children audience. They often search for completely different things than their parents. Be sure to use specific rather than broad terms when determining your keywords. After your PPC campaign begins, be sure to monitor results in order to ensure you have chosen the best terminology. If you notice a large number of click-throughs, you may need to increase specificity or change words all together. Finally, be aware that the most active time periods are Monday through Thursday. Display ads create yet another way to reach adult children. Remarketing can be utilized to keep your community on top-of-mind during subsequent searches on the internet. Remember that these inquiries are usually stimulated by recognition of a family challenge. Present a common challenge and explain how your community might address and resolve that issue for a family.


Holiday Searches benefit even if you have to rob Peter to pay PaulBecause you are expecting increased traffic on the internet while children are surfing on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles, there will be a commensurate increase in the use of Google searches and Google maps. There will also be a search in categories “near me.” Be sure that all of your information is correct and updated at Google My Business. You might consider a compelling photograph to accompany your listing.


Many older adults continue to enjoy a hard copy of the local paper and those newspapers tend to stay around during the holidays, perhaps setting on a coffee table. Take advantage of a newspaper’s lasting value when adult children are home as they may pick it up to peruse the local news. Consider a print ad or, even better, a separate insert that spotlights your community and the value it brings to a family by way of stability, peace-of-mind, and free time away from worry to instead spend in quality time with family.

Next week, we will delve into holiday marketing strategies for your community’s website and social marketing, followed by a blog about staffing for the holidays.

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