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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, affecting many aspects of our daily lives, including the way we age and adapt to the physical and cognitive changes associated with the aging process.

The iPhone was first introduced in 2007. Since that time, smart devices have become integrated into the business of our lives. Even though the early cell phones from companies such as Motorola and Blackberry offered apps such as calculators and world clocks, the true evolution of purchasing apps mushroomed after 2007. It’s amazing how much our lives have changed in less than 10 years because of this technology.


Technology has influenced delivery of health care services, from monitoring to enhancement of functional ability to access to services, whether an older person remains at home or becomes a resident in one of our communities.

Advancing technology affects a senior adult in the following areas:

  1. Improving functional status
  2. Ability to gain services
  3. Monitoring for safety
  4. Delivery of health services
  5. Ability to receive services while remaining at home


If senior living is to remain relevant to the emerging senior population, it is imperative that we recognize how the lives of seniors are changing through the use of technology. At one time, older adults who required supervision and monitoring of a prevailing health concern often moved into our communities to seek such supervision. Since 95% of senior adults prefer to remain at home, staying at home becomes a more viable choice when those services can be gained at home through remote monitoring and telehealth.

September blogs will review modern technology that is aimed at the senior population and how those advances can be utilized by the seniors themselves OR become complimentary to the services offered in our senior living communities. Stay tuned….

September Blog Articles:

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Patty Scotten - Blog AuthorPatty Scotten is a consultant with Retirement DYNAMICS® and serves as their marketing manager. Patty has over twenty five years’ experience in the senior living industry and has led several communities in preselling expansions or increasing occupancy levels. She graduated from Elon University and holds a Masters Degree from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Patty is licensed as both an assisted living and nursing home administrator.


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